Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I feel like

I don't really have much to say today. Not a whole lot going on around here today. I decided that picture over there of me was kind of scary. So I replaced it with this one. I think for being 7 months pregnant when it was taken, I don't look half bad! LOL. I so wish I had more time. I really want to improve on my photography skills. Has everyone been to Chrissy's blog? Her sister in law is a professional photographer, but dang, seriously Chrissy is doing some great stuff herself. There is some seriously creative people out there. It's funny how, maybe I was oblivious to it before, but there just seems to be such a wonderful community of women, scrapbookers, mommies and artists alike. I'm somewhat of a blog surfer, and an occasional comment leaver. I'm always amazed at the amount of creativity and inspiration is out there...Check out Judes 4th card for her weekly art journal. Really cool. And this awesome mini book Ronda made. All I can say is, wow. I haven't done too much scrapbooking lately...lot of scrapbook shopping...not a lot of creating! I'm really going to have to find the time because I'm missing it!
The Ranch
I had mentioned this in my last post...but then realized I hadn't talked about it in a long time...some of you have no idea what I'm talking about! So here goes (the quick version)...My husband, Pete, is an avid hunter. He's also a licensed hunting guide. He loves hunting so, so much that he's always dreamed of a way he could make money at his (very expensive) hobby. An opportunity arose for him to make some money by...well basically he's got access to about a thousand acres of land and he's worked an agreement with the land owner to be able to bring hunters onto the property to hunt. Like a guiding service. The other part of it is is that he is basically "stocking" the property with livestock, much like certain lakes are stocked with fish for people to fish. So anyways, he's been spending every spare moment up there at the ranch since about mid October trying to get everything ready. They're building bunk houses for the hunters to stay, putting fences up, and trying to build up the livestock. He has literally worked his butt off up there. I'm just glad he's found his passion. It is very stressful sometimes starting a new business, but I have faith this is all going to turn out ok.
So anyways, that's what "The Ranch" is!
One more thing before I sign off for the night...Here are some pictures from this weekend when my mom was down...

I think they're cuties!!


camport said...

They are so stinkin' cute! Thanks for the compliments, too. Made me blush. :) How cool about the ranch. It's great to find your passion, and now he can't hound on you about yours. Scrap on! And I'm pretty sure that any splurging you do on scrapbook supplies, has got to be cheaper than buying livestock :) Your kids are really, really adorable. Hopefully you'll find some time to put your purchases to good use. Be sure to post them when you do.


Jude said...

Hey Corey... stinkin' bloglines hadn't showed that you updated...so I came over on a whim!! Telepathic blogging...LOL. I think that is so cool about your husbands new gig.Thanks for the sweet words...you are too kind! ANd i think your new picture is GREAT!!