Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm being sneaky...

So, I still don't know what the deal is at home...I can NOT sign in to Google or Blogger to save my life. So I'm supposed to be like working I guess right now...but this is just so much more funner! (I know that's not a real word-don't call the dictionary people, ok?) So anyways, I'm sneakin' on here to try and let you all know how this working thing is going....Hmmm. Well it could be better, but I guess it could be worse. The work is the same, which is good because that would have really sucked if I basically had to learn everything again. That sometimes happens around here. I work for a very well known, world wide corporation. They are always trying to be competitive with all the other very well known, world wide corporations. So needless to say, we've always got new technology, new processes, new people...etc..So the chances of me coming back to an environment where I had to relearn everything was extremely high! Anyways, nuf of that crap. Like I said, the work is the same. But the environment is just weird. No one talks, no one gets up from their desks. People just don't seem to be as friendly as they once were. I don't know, it's just weird. I feel weird here. Like I don't belong or something. I don't know, some may say I only feel this way because I don't want to be here. Well, that's true, I don't. But I know the reality is for now, I HAVE to be here. Anyways I've worked here for 6 years now and developed what I thought were good relationships with some of my business partners. Well I guess since I've been gone, I've now sunk to the bottom of the fishbowl. This makes me mad. It's like I was replaced by "Account Temps". If you don't know what I'm talking about..there's a commercial where a guy keeps calling in sick so the boss calls Account Temps to get someone to fill in and they end up liking the temp better. So I lost all my good accounts and now I have to start all over from the bottom of the to tum poll as if I'm a newbee. Aggravating, but you know what? It's ok. This is just a place where I come to earn money. It's not my life. I refuse to make it that way. I'm not going to let this place take over and kill me. I'm going to stop worrying about it. Done.
The kiddos-Well they seem to be adjusting well. I really am so lucky because even though i have to go to work, at least I get to leave my kids with family. Pete's mom runs a small day-care from her house and she's going to be watching them for us. Jake has lots of friends over there. The first night and second morning, I could tell Jake was really tired. It's a good thing though becasue now I know he's playing and socializing and getting a lot of pent up energy out! He's one that really needs to play a lot and needs to be with other kids. SO that's one positive thing I can take from this. Megan is doing good too. She's just such a good baby! I thought it was going to be hell getting her up at 6am (she was sleeping until at least 7:30 every morning when I was at home!) But you know, she's a trooper! She's fine! She's such a happy little princess! She is ready to go to bed at like 7:30 at night though. That makes me sad cuz I don't even get home till 6! I'm really hoping this will only last another year or so and then maybe I'll get to stay home with these guys. I miss them sooo much!
Creativeness- Well, I'm still trying to focus on my word for this year SIMPLE. I've got it on little sticky notes around my monitor, hoping it will inspire me here at work! This weekend I plan on doing Ali's new challenge with my word and make a tag book or something focusing on it. Jude sent me a link to this blog: with a great idea with playing cards. I think I might take that challenge too because it's right in line with one of my NYR's (new years resolutions) to be creative once a week.
Anyways, I may be well on my way to being fired now, since I've been on here for so long! I'm sure people are wondering what I'm doing! Wish I could post some pictures. I just don't feel right blogging with out some to post! Maybe my Blogger issues at home will have been resolved this weekend and I can post some.
Hope everybody has a good weekend!

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