Sunday, July 08, 2012

Moss Beach/Grey Whale Cove

My mom came down to visit for a night on Friday. We decided to do something different and fun on Saturday before she had to go home, so we drove back down to Half Moon Bay for another beach excursion. {If you follow me on Instagram, my friend Carolina and I took the kids to this same beach last Saturday...this time I brought my real camera!}

The tide pools were great this time. We had a full moon this week so that makes the tides much stronger. We were able to see lots of little creatures. The kids just LOVE this. Heck, we all do!

This crab was a meanie! He got Jake a couple times with those claws.

And Pete evidenced by his yell face in the pic! HA!

Building rock towers. just have to.

Hello, Handsome.

One photo to prove I was there too.

After a while we got back in the car and drove back up to another beach we saw coming in. We thought it would be perfect for eating lunch {lots of sand and not very many people}. Only, we had to walk down these stairs to get there. Grandma was not very excited about that. But she made it down AND back up just fine :)

Jake building a sand cave.

Playing tag with the waves...

It was a fun time. Oh, how we just love the beach! So glad my mom got to go with us too!
xoxo Love you Mom!!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Summer Lovin'?

You remember summer when you were a kid? How by mid July the days were dragging on, you couldn't tell one day from the next? How by the time August rolled around you were SO ready for school to start? And Labor Day could not get here fast enough?
Well, that's how I felt a lot as a kid.
That concept is completely lost now. I just feel like summer is slipping away faster and faster by the second. How is it July already? How is it that my calendar is so full that I'm not sure if we'll have time for a weekend out of town or a camping trip?
We've been having a lot of fun, that is no doubt. But I feel like we're just constantly rushing to the 'next thing' or next event.

So far this summer we have:
enjoyed a visit with my cousin
went to a wedding (pics in the blog post below)
planned and went to a big anniversary party
several photo shoots
went to church camp
went swimming at the lake
hosted our niece for a week
went to the zoo
went to the county fair
explored San Francisco for the day
spontaneous trip down the coast to Half Moon Bay
been on many hikes
hosted a 4th of July BBQ

And that's just June (and the beginning of this week) y'all!

We still have all of this to look forward to:
a visit from my mom tomorrow
weekend visit to the other grandma's house (Pete's mom)
baseball or soccer camp (haven't decided which yet)
horse camp and pony party
another girls tea party
a photo shoot (at least one so far)
swimming lessons
birthdays galore: mine, Jake's then Megan's
a visit to my cousin's
a back-to-school brunch

And that's just what I have written on the calendar. I'm sure there will be more in between.

school starts August 13th.

I'm exhausted. Are you?