Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Project Life weeks 4 and 5

Or maybe weeks 5 and 4. I am disliking the way you upload pics to blogger. I think they tried to make it easier, but eeehhh I'm missing something apparently.

News from week 5: Well in week 4 Megan learned to ride her bike without training wheels. But 2 days of bike riding was just too much for this girl. We've finally figured out that when she gets herself exhausted, she makes herself sick. Every. Time. We'd gone out riding both Saturday and Sunday and by Sunday night I knew she was just done. Exhausted. And so, she woke up Monday morning with a tummy ache. And then proceeded to puke up nothing all morning. In between sleeping, that is. She slept nearly all morning until 1 o'clock! Well, we've made it a rule now that she MUST have a nap/rest time after any big activity.
Other news included Pete seeing the Giants catcher Buster Posey at ATT Park. And then play dates + cupcakes.

Also included in week 5: My newest obsession: Words with Friends and Scramble with friends. It's all Chrissy's fault. I think this pic is actually a game I had going with Beth, but it's still Chrissy's fault. My family has suffered ever since. HA! And now you all know how smart I am NOT. Especially Jude. She's good. She's really good.

Week 4:

 Highlights: Megan wowing me with her reading. Me having alone time. Something I don't get a lot of. Pete's commute. Man, I loved this. I asked him to send me a (1) picture of his commute that day. Either while he was on BART or MUNI and wouldn't you know it?? He sent me like 20 pictures of his entire commute from ATT park all the way to Oakland BART station. And good ones too. He's a keeper. I can't wait to give him more assignments so we can add his day-to-day to our family album as well.

 Other highlights: Of course, Megs riding her bike all by herself! FOG, beautiful fog. Jake and his motorcycle. I hardly see that kid in the afternoons/on the weekends. He's off SuperCrossing it constantly with his buddy from down the hill.

That's it. I'm loving using Tiny Templates #1 (3x4),  and #4 (4x6) from Cathy Zielske and also 4x6 collage templates from The LilyPad. (I'll show an example of those next time) I've also been using stuff from my stash, and my digital stash too. I'm loving how much the same and how different my Project Life book is from last year. It feels very familiar, yet different too. I dig it.