Monday, January 08, 2007

AEzine challenge-one word

This was an amazing find one word to focus on for 2007. I chose the word SIMPLE or SIMPLIFY. The word came to me instantly when I read her newsletter. I had already written a "new years" blog entry when I went back to look at it, the message was clear in both everyday life and my creative life. This year I want to stop trying so hard and focus on the simple things. Creativly, I'm a freak about trying to get that perfect photo, or trying to make the perfect layout. I realize I need to just let's much funner that way! I actually take better pictures when I don't try so hard. I also try to hard to...well I guess to be be like everyone else! Like I said in my last entry...I am a bonafied scraplifter...I see something I like and I copy it. I think that's ok to do sometimes, but I think you can take it to far by being too influenced by others. I think sometimes I can be guilty of that. I hope by not trying so hard and SIMPLIFYING, I can find my idendifiable style . Here's a layout I'm working on right now: SIMPLE

In my New Years entry I also described how I wanted to be more organized with lists...So I found this cool thing at Target and it seemed to just really fit my theme. (heck, it even has my word on it!) Just a book of note cards that I can use to write my lists on. Plus there are 3 different colored cards so you can coordinate your lists. I plan to use the different colors for these lists: to do, to buy, and notes to self/to create.

So there you have it. A beginning to a SIMPLER 2007.

This is my last day of freedom folks...I go back to work tomorrow after 5months off. Seriously freaking out right now.


Jude said...

Ooops, I mentioned the little pink book in the last post's comments...Your LO is great. I love the word too.I thought you went back to work last week,glad you had a bit more time. I will be thinking about you tomorrow!

camport said...

I am all about simple! Love it!

Erika M said...

I saw your post on Ali's site. I picked the same word.

Corey said...


Jami said...
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Jami said...

I love seeing your picture.
I am jealous of your scrapbooking, which does not speak highly of me....except I am honest!
The page you show is beautiful.
I want your red hair.
You look like your mom, or the way I remember your mom.
I wish you could win the lottery so you could stay home with your babies.
If I ever win ( don't get your hopes up, I don't even play), but if I did play and win, I will give you some money so you can stay home!

Jami said...
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