Thursday, August 28, 2008

So we did ice cream instead of cake...

Ok so I realize I called my neighbors kids annoying in my last post. That probably wasn't the best way to put it. The tattle telling is annoying. And well, all kids do that. It's annoying when my kids do it. See, when I wrote my last post, I was having a little bit of a panic attack. I tend to over dramatize things in my head when I'm a little unsure of a situation. I tend to make things out to be WAY worse in my head that it ever seems to be in reality. Yesterday was perfect case in point. In my head these two little twins would be here and they would be bored and whinny, and I wouldn't have anything to make them happy, and they wouldn't like any of the food I had, and then when Jake got home from school they would all fight over toys and I'd be just about ready to pull my hair out by about 3 o'clock...Not to mention the worry over how I was going to pick Jake and Caitlin up from school in the Honda. See? My brain went into panic mode.
Anyway, so nothing that actually happened yesterday was anywhere near to what my brain preconceived the night before. The day actually went really, really well. The twins were great. No fighting, no whinning, not even any tattle tale-ing...there were a few tears though. The bigger one was a little sad for his mom for a while. And they actually ate the food I had. So it was good. Oh! and Jake and Cait got picked up by my MIL and he decided he wanted to play over there instead of coming home. So there was no fighting over toys, which I'm still certain would have happened if Jake was here. The twins were a little disapointed they didn't get to play with him though. They were supposed to come back today, but dad was able to work from home. But I honestly would not have minded watching them anyway.
I'm 99.99% sure my neighbor doesn't know I have a blog. But you know, this is a free internet and I post for all the world to see so you never know. If so: Neighbor, I'm really sorry about the whole annoying comment. I didn't mean it like it was written. You're boys are great. Honestly.
In other news...Megan is two today! I feel so unprepared for her birthday. It just kind of snuck up on me. For two months I've been saying "she's almost two" and now all of a sudden the day is here. I have no cake, no nothing. I feel like such a bad mom. But I'm planning on running out later to grab a cake at least. Tomorrow we'll celebrate more because Pete will be home all day. I can hardly believe it! He has spent so much time (just about every weekend) at the ranch for as long as I can remember, so it feels like such a treat when he's here.
Alright, better go get that cake!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aw, isn't she cute?

I know, I know...Mom don't yell at me. I know she's not wearing "the dress" in the picture. I'm working on it. I know I said that before, but really I am.

So---sorry, this post is all kinds of rambling. I feel like I'm completely unable to keep a rational thought these days. I have so many things swimming around in my brain it's hard to keep it all straight. I think I'm going to go with bullet points....

*Jake's birthday-totally forgot to mention it in the midst of all the first week of school hoopla. It was good. He's 5. Five seems to have come with an immediate extra ounce of maturity. I don't know, maybe it's turning 5 combined with starting kindergarten. He was just so ready for school and I think as much as it's hard to watch my baby grow up....I'm so proud of him. So proud to be his mom. He's a really good kid.

*I also forgot to talk about his weekend with Grandpa. My dad came and picked him up a few weeks ago and kept Jake for the whole weekend. He did so good. Not even one tear--except when I came to get him. He didn't want to go home. They had a great time going to the movies, and the park and riding in Grandpa's hot rod and on the motorcycle. Can you believe he cried when it was time to go home? I don't get it either.

*More strange neighborhood happenings....It's just weird. In one weekend we had two neighbors move out and one move in. Oh and then my other neighbors have semi-moved out. By that, I mean they are renting a place in the city M-F so they don't have to commute and then coming home here for the weekends. It's quiet around here. So many changes. Even though I've talked about my weird neighbors before....all the weird ones live across the street. Everyone on this side is awesome and now it seems everyone is leaving. It kind of makes me sad.

*Megan's birthday is Thursday. I can hardly believe she's 2. I'm sitting here looking at a picture of her from when she was about 4 months old. In my head I know it's her, but at the same time it's like who is that baby? because seriously, that baby time seemed to flash by in a millisecond. And then all of a sudden I seem to have taken away more "baby" stuff recently. I threw the highchair away. It was old and dirty and I was sick of cleaning it and she enjoys sitting at the counter more anyway so I kicked Jake out of his booster and put her there. And then not a week after that, she's now sleeping in her "Big Girl Bed". *sigh* I wish I could somehow take it all back. In her room she had her crib, plus my old day bed from when I was a kid. The only reason I let her sleep in the big girl bed is because she threw up in the crib at nap time. She wasn't really sick or anything but Note to Parents: eating chap stick will make you sick. Yeah. Anyway, I had all the crib bedding washed and dried by bed time but I was too lazy to make it up so I let her sleep in the bed. End of story. She wants nothing to do with the crib anymore. There is only one thing left to her babyhood-Diapers. And I just know that's gonna be gone soon too.

*Wednesday and Thursday I'm watching my neighbors twin boys. I really don't know how I get myself into these situations. Wait. Yes I do.....I'm nice. It's not that I don't like these boys. I do. But they're just kind of......... annoying. The bigger one is constantly fighting with Jake. Those two just never seem to get along. And they tattle-tale a lot. It just bugs me. He's not shaaaarrring! Anyway I'm just doing this as a favor to my neighbor whom I like very much and I'm glad I could help her out. She started a new job this week and I'm sure she's stressed enough as it is. Oh and here's the crazy part of all this. I still have to pick Jake and my niece up from school both days. I drive a Honda Accord. Seriously, how the heck am I going to cart 5 kids around; 4 of which still need to be in car seats; in a Honda Accord?? It's physically impossible.

Anyway, so I think I've used up all the brain cells I can muster up for one night. If I have any energy left after the twins and my 2 kids I'll post again!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

pointless video blog #1

Random thoughts about the video:

1. I'm horrible about trying to find something to say. It's like leaving the worst voicemail ever. Which I completely suck at too. I hate voicemail.
2. That mess behind me is scrap mess. I haven't really been scrapping, but yeah, there's still a mess.
3. Yes, that is a deer on the wall behind me. One of many.
4. Why did I have to tell you Megan needed a diaper change? That was unnecessary and...gross. Sorry.
5. I don't think I really say Anyways and So that much in real life. I don't know, maybe I do. I guess I'll have to work on that. Anyway....
6. kid video to come soon :) And yes, mom Megan will be in "the" dress. (my mom made megan a really cute dress for her birthday)
7. yes, i will be mildly obbsessed with the video for a week or two. Don't worry, it will pass.
**does anyone know how to embed the Youtube videos on blogger? I can't seem to get it to work**

A close up of Jake's self portrait and the lips:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First day of school! First day of School!

Oh my gosh. Is he not the cutest little boy you've ever seen?! Oh I just want to squeeze him! I can do that. I'm his mom. :)

Today was the first day of Kindergarten. It went great. For him, and for me! Going to orientation last night was a BIG help for me. First, I got to realize that I'm not the only crazy mother out there that doesn't have a clue what to do on the first day of school. It was good. I let all those other crazy mothers ask all the questions I had. ha ha! I also got to let some of my tears out last night. I couldn't help it. The principal got up and spoke and he said "you're going to blink and the next thing you know it will be graduation day". I got that giant lump in my throat and a teensy little tear may have snuck out. I wasn't the only one! It was great to meet the teacher and learn what to expect today and for the rest of the year. Mrs. Cooper is just what you think of when you think Kindergarten teacher. She's tiny, and soft spoken--she has a really soothing voice, but she seems energetic and excited for the new school year too.

On to today...

Jake was MORE than excited. He got dressed and ran downstairs for his backpack. "Can we go? Is it time to go? I'm ready to go!" I made him pose for a few pictures and I drilled him a little:

"Make sure you listen to your teacher. Follow directions. Do what the teacher tells you to do. Be good."

When we got to school, he could not get out of the car fast enough. He had his seat belt off and backpack in hand before I even turned the car off. We walked down to the classroom and this is where I snapped this picture up top. He was just so ecstatic, he could hardly contain himself. We walked out to the playground and found his cousins Caitlin and Hannah.

Caitlin is actually in his class this year. He ran off to play and then the bell rang. It was SO funny because he knew he had to do something and go somewhere, but you could see on his face he was like what do I do? where do I go? But he made it and got in line for his class. And then they were swept in and sat in circle time. It was kind of a whirlwind for me. I wasn't quite sure what to do. Do I stay? Do I just go? Well, Jake was absolutely fine...MORE than fine so I snuck in, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and another "follow directions" cue, and I left. :( Another tiny little tear welled up but I held it back. Oh believe me...I could have let loose with sobs and everything. But I didn't. I was surprised there were only 2 little girls (twins) crying when they had to start class. Everyone else was like this was old hat to them. It definitely made it easier on me. If Jake would have shown any apprehension at all, I totally would have lost it!

My SIL is part of the PTA group and they had coffee and doughnuts for the parents in the cafeteria. I went with her, met some of her friends, met the principal and then she said lets go check on Jake! I really wanted to, but then I really didn't. I didn't want to be that mom who was still there after an hour pacing the hallway! LOL! I did get a little peek...he looked just a tiny bit nervous but I could tell he was just taking it all in.

When I came back to pick him up he said, "Mommy, I was really good. I listened to my teacher and I followed directions. I didn't get in trouble. Maybe tomorrow I'll get in trouble." Ha ha! I had to laugh at that. :D

So, it's kind of bitter sweet. My baby is growing up. But at the same time I'm excited for him. There's so many new advetures to come. :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

It's called 'Anger Management', you fat cow!

A true story filled with irony
So, last night my dad came and got Jake to take back to his house for the weekend...well until Saturday anyway. I practically cried as they drove away. My dad lives about 2 hours away so it's not like I can just run and get him if he needs me. This is the first time he's been so far away from home without me or Pete. Pete and I both had a little moment as we walked passed his bedroom last night only to find Jake's bed empty. Pete even said "it's kind of sad he's not here". But don't tell him I told you that.
I get up this morning less one child and I just can't think of one place to go or one thing to do, so Megan and I just kind of veg out all morning. We play dolls and watch a little Nemo and eat a little breakfast. Next thing I know it's like 11:30. So we hop in the car to drive into town to get some food for the turkeys and I needed some milk and coffee creamer. Off we go.
Our neighborhood is kind of situated off the beaten path in that it's not really in town and it's surrounded by farm land. It's not unusual to be stuck behind a tractor or a hay truck. Today was no exception. I pull out from our neighborhood only to be stuck behind a very big, very slow tractor. No big deal. I'm not in any hurry. When the opportunity arises, I go ahead and pass the tractor. I look in my rear view mirror, as any good driver should, to make sure I have safely passed the tractor and I have plenty of room to move back into the correct lane. I look back and see this white car flying up on my tail and sneaks in between me and the tractor. She's so close I can barely see her bumper, but I really don't give any other thought to it, other than "jeez, you really seem to be in a hurry lady." Anyway I pull up to an intersection where I plan on making a right hand turn. This is one of those intersections that cars turning right have a yield sign. Let me make this perfectly clear : Yield does not give you the right to go. Yield means 'proceed with caution'. Am I right? I thought so. I pull up into the right hand turn lane and slow way down, almost to a stop because there is someone making a left hand turn into the lane I was going into. That guy had a green light. That guy had the right of way. Correct? Correct.
So, just as I'm about to pull forward, there is a blaring HONK from behind me. I look in the rear view and see the white car. I'm kind irritated now, so of course I flip my arm up in the mirror at her in like a "whatever!" kind of way and proceed on my way. White Car Lady proceeds to fly around me and slow down just enough to give me the evil eye as she passes by. Again--what ever. The moment is over, I'm going on with my life now. We drive a few blocks up to another intersection. I'm right behind White Car Lady in the left hand turn lane. She has a vanity plate that says " High Prize". Of course it's not spelled that way, but I can't remember how it was spelled. Anyway as we sat there waiting at the red light, I of course, started talking to myself wondering what exactly was the high prize. Was it the driver? No, couldn't be. Was it the car? Possibly, but again, I'm going to have to go with no. The light turns green and wouldn't you know it...White Car Lady and I are both turning into the same shopping center/gas station. I see she's going one way and I turned the other and well that was that. Wrong. I'm in line waiting for a gas pump and I'd just about forgotten all about White Car Lady, when all of a sudden White Car Lady comes racing around from the left, her window rolled down (mine was too by the way) and yells out to me:
"It's called Anger Management you FAT COW!!!"
And then she peeled out and went on her merry way.
This, of course, sent me on fits of hysterical laughter. I mean seriously??!!....Are you sure I'm the one who needs Anger Management? And Fat Cow?? I'm not exactly skinny or even thin, but I'm pretty sure I don't quite fall into the fat cow category yet. I could hardly contain myself at the hilarity of it all as I watched my life savings drip away into my gas tank.
Oh and here's the best part....
As if the whole "Anger Management" statement wasn't ironic enough....
After I filled my tank, I drove through the shopping center down to the market so I could run in and get the milk and coffee creamer and lo and behold...there's the "high prize" car parked and here comes the crazy lady out of the store carrying the largest Jamba Juice you can order and what appeared to be a box of doughnuts.
Oh the irony of it all.
Obviously this person was probably just having a bad day. And yes, I'm mocking her a little here. But Lord knows I've had my bad days and drowned my sorrows in a bowl full of frosting a time or two.
I can not wait for tomorrow. Saturday can not come quick enough. I miss my little man. :(

Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to.

I'm not really crying. Just sounded like a good title! But it is really by birthday. And yes, I am telling you that just so you'll send gifts. :D ha ha j/k! The day was lovely. Started with a trip to Les Schwab to drop the truck off and ended with a movie...Space Chimps! Oh yes. Fun, fun birthday! I'm not complaining. It was actually very fun. Space Chimps is silly.
So anyway.....The day is approaching--the first day of school. As Melissa put it....10 more sleeps. Well, 9 I guess. 9 days until Jake's world changes forever. Is that a little dramatic? Probably. I'm having way more anxiety over it than he is. I don't think he has a clue that Kindergarten is more than one day, you know what I mean? Does he really understand that this is like, forever? I don't think I quite grasp that concept either. ha ha! I'm sure he'll do fine. The 2nd week will probably be more of an adjustment period than the first. I'm guessing. I really have been on vacation for the past 7 months. Sure, I get up at 6 every morning, but I let Jake and Megan sleep until after 8 o'clock. And he goes to bed somewhere between 8:30 and 9 now. Remember my old work schedule? It was so regimented. We were all up by 5:15, out the door by quarter to six, I was on the road by 6am, and they were both in bed at the stroke of 8 every night. Well, we won't be getting up at 5, but it is going be a little bit of a change to all get up and out the door by 7:45. I'm happy for the change. It will be nice to have some sort of normalcy back. Right now I really don't have to be anywhere or go anywhere or do anything at any certain time. I just better make it look like I didn't sit on my butt all day by about 4 o'clock so I don't get the stink eye from the husband when he gets home! Come on--you all know what I'm talking about!

Anyway, back to the school thing. I definitely have more anxiety than Jake does. See I have social anxieties. I'm already planning everything out in my mind as to where I need to park, how long should I stay the first day, what should I wear (I know, this is so stupid, right?) should I bring Megan with me, or drop her off at Grandma's on the way? I don't even know where the classroom is. What are the other mothers going to be like? I'm going to cry like a baby in front of a school full of strangers! I hope HE doesn't cry. Crap. What time does school get out? Do I bring my big camera or my little point and shoot....probably the p&s so I don't look so overbearing. I need to leave at at least 7:45 to get there by 8 and still have a few minutes to spare. All these things and more just keep spinning in my head. Yes, I'm having a case of the first day of school jitters. Only, 9 days prior to the first day. And my kid is as happy as a clam.
Anyway, yeah...i bet you didn't know I was so nutz did ya? Don't worry, it's only in my head. I know how to be a socially acceptable person in person. Most of the time.
Do you remember the night before the first day of school? Gah. It was awful. At least up until 10th grade when I just didn't care anymore. But before that, it was horrible. Can't sleep, can't eat, changing my clothes 10 times before deciding that yes, jeans and a t-shirt are just fine. I don't boys have these same issues? I don't think they do.
I was surfing the net today and came upon this school related article. It's about a school in TX that will be enforcing a pretty strict dress code this year. In fact, if the children come to school in inappropriate attire, they will be put into a prison like jumpsuit for the rest of the day. Anyway, while I find the whole jumpsuit thing a little over the top, and the proposed dress code a teensy bit strict, I was just floored by the amount of people that commented on this article who were completely against a dress code at school. HUH?! Wha? There were so many people with the whole "freedom of expression" argument. I'm sorry, maybe I'm from the dark ages, but seriously, I find it completely inappropriate for girls to where booty shorts to school, or mini skirts that barley cover their behind, or boys who can't even walk properly because there freaking pants are practically around their ankles with their asses hanging out of their "underwear". There were people arguing that it's discrimination. Are you kidding me? And some saying that there is no dress code in real life. Ummm....yeah, there kind of is. Ever heard of "no shirt, no shoes, no service"? I'm not saying to be as strict as some of these dress codes they are proposing at this TX school. But seriously...pants where they should be, no boobs or butts hanging out. That simple. Is that really too much to ask? Is that really infringing on self expression. Give me a freaking break dude.
Anyway. THAT was a tangent.
Well, I really have nothing else.
Peace out.