Sunday, December 30, 2007

Can you believe we're done with 2007? I must say, for me it started off pretty crappy...but it has ended on a high note. And, I can say so many good things about the year now. Lots and lots of hard work at the ranch, finally seems to be coming to a head...and there seems to be a tiny little light at the end of the tunnel. We made it out on one camping trip wich was really fun and relaxing. Then we went on a real family vacation...for a whole week! Kauai! That was unforgettable. And then I got to go on vacation by my self. No children, no husband. No real responsibilities for 3 whole days! And I had a super great time with a good friend :) But probably the best thing for me this year...Well, I realized something when I went through my mail on Christmas Eve...My mailbox was FILLED with Christmas cards..All from friends I've met throughout the year. It made me so happy, I can't even tell you! Thank you so much for our friendship, I really do treasure it! You all mean so much to me...really. But then after looking through my flood of cards, I began to feel really bad. What kind of friend am I? I didn't send out any Christmas cards. To anyone. Actually, I haven't sent any out in years. I think this is why: About maybe 10 years or so ago (I was still living at home with my mom)we decided to hand make our Christmas cards. I was really into stamping at the time so mom and I bought this really cute stamp with a snow man, the we got a nice Christmas message stamp for the inside, a "hand made by" stamp for the back. We spent days and days, cutting paper, stamping, painting, and glittering. It was exhausting. And I don't remember anyone saying anything about them. Not that they would I guess....but I just didn't get any satisfaction out of it. It was work. And I didn't enjoy it. So I think that kind of did it for me. But now I'm feeling so energized about it...Next year I'm sending out cards. Come hell or high water!
So what else is new for 2008? Well, I'm not really a resolution person. I have a hard time commiting so resolutions just don't really work well for me. But I do have a few things that I kinda want to just "work on" this year.
* get back on my 1700 calorie a day thing. This was much easier when there was an acutal goal (Kauai) but I still want to lose another 15 or so pounds. I feel like I need to give something else up...last year it was soda but I don't heart says I should give up coffee...but I dont think I'm ready for that.
* I want to do some sort of weekly journal/scrapbook/photo project. Thinking I might try this.
* Try something completely photo related...take a class (yeah right!), some sort of a challenge...thinking of either this or this. I don't know..seems like a lot of commitment and as I mentioned...I have an issue with commiting!
* Go on another trip by myself. That was just too fun!
* one last thing..I'm just praying, praying, praying for the ranch to open and be successfull. Lord have mercy, if nothing else just pray for that!
What are your plans, goals "resolutions" for 08?
Have a happy and safe New Years!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope your day was filled with love and happiness!
Here is a slide show of a few pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (Santa brought me a new 50mm lens! I LOVE it!)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am the biggest dweeb...

We drove all the way to the ranch, got out of the car with my camera to take a shot of the newly finished cabins, turn camera to "on" to see "NO CF Card". Dang it! Crap!
It never fails.
So, sorry no pics to share. Grrrr. I'm still mad at myself for that one.
We had a nice day though. A crisp morning turned warm in the sunshine to where we didn't even need jackets. We took a ride around the fence and helped Pete put up the last gate. Ok so maybe I just stood there and looked pretty. But that's helping, right?
I left Jake up there with Pete and Megan and I came home to start laundry and get some more stuff ready for Christmas. I guess the boys will be home soon. Megan is handful though! This girl is into EVERY thing. And if I tell her "no" she just laughs and keeps doing it. She's started to get a few spanks for getting into things she's not supposed to...she cries for a second (only because her feelings are hurt) and then goes right back to doing what she was doing. She wears me out! She is so cute though...if you say "I love you" she blows you a kiss. "mmwah!" I love it.
I'm listening to Christmas music on right now. I think there is possibly only 3 Christmas songs ever written and all done by various artists. They keep playing "White Christmas" "Rudolph" and "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". They even play the same song back to back. Enough of this crud. It's supposed to be "classic Christmas" and they haven't even played anything by Nat King Cole. What the heck?
Jake funny-So we're at the ranch today and we go into the bunk house. Pete has it stocked full of food for him and the guys he has up there working. Jake opens up a can of honey roasted peanuts and starts munching.
Me: hey bring me a nut, Jake. Please.
So he walks over, I hold out my hand and he drops ONE peanut in my palm.
Me: that's it?
Jake: well, you said A nut. so I brought you A nut.
Dang literal kid. Just like his dad. Who just happened to find that little scene hilarious. Ha. Ha. Ha.
If I don't post before...Hope you all have a very, Merry Christmas!!!
I seriously can not wait to see my kids faces Christmas morning!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 More days!!!

Can you believe it? Christmas is just around the corner. Literally. I just bought my last gift today. Yep. was a gift card and I knew I didn't have to go anywhere special to get it so I purposely left it for the last one.
I feel like I've spent more money in the last month than I have all year long. It's like a never ending thing. Well until now. I think I've been to Toys R Us more time in the last month than I have in my entire life. No joke. Finally I'm done. And wrapped. I stayed up until midnight last night wrapping everything. Let me just say...I am THE worst wrapper ever. I can't wrap a present to save my life! Many of my boxes have little strips of extra paper because I couldn't measure correctly! Oh well. Luckily, not everything will be wrapped. Santa does have some work to do Christmas eve. He and I have a few things to put together before morning. I'm kind of excited. In all the 7 years Pete and I have been married....this is the first time we've ever had Christmas at our house. We've always stayed the night at my mom's and have done Christmas there. I don't deal well with change. And it's hard that this year I won't be with my mom on Christmas day. But at the same time it's also nice to start some traditions of our own.
Mom did come down to spend the day here today though. And she litterally brought a wagon full of presents for us all! When the kids were napping she and I brought them in from her car and hid them in a closet. They are going to be SO surprised Christmas morning! My mom never ever put ANY presents out until I went to bed Christmas eve. And that's how I intend to do it with my kids too. It's that magical element of surprise. I can't wait to see their faces!
We got up real early and me and the kids went to Safeway to get our Christmas groceries. One hundred forty five dollars and an hour later, we were home and mom was here to greet us. She and I decided to make these little heavenly muffins pictured above. You can find the recipe here. (this lady just cook things I like to eat!)They turned out really yummy. Kind of like hot cinnamon sugar doughnuts. The butter and cinnamon sugar kind of make a nice little crust on the outside. mmmmmmm. We ate 5 or 6 and put the rest in the freezer for Christmas morning. They're going to be perfect with warm coffee and hot chocolate :)
I also started my Christmas dinner. I have to work Christmas eve (Blah!I know!) and the day after Christmas so I need to be as prepared as possible now. So, I have my meat marinating (yes for 2 days) and tomorrow I will pre bake my potatoes so I can make twice baked ones. mmmmmmm...
That's about all I got for now. Tomorrow the kids and I are heading up to meet Pete at the Ranch. He's got the fence and the cabins done. I haven't been up in a long time so I'm anxious to see how far everything has progressed.
I have a few funnies from both Jake and Megan...but that will have to be for another post. I'm off to bed!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I think I'm just about cookied out. I've made cookies every weekend since Thanksgiving and I think I'm done. These here are Pepparkakor. I think it's just the Swedish way to say "gingerbread". I could be wrong. Pete has been requesting pepparkakor ever since I've known him...His best friends mother always made them and he has fond childhood memories of it. I'd never heard of pepparkakor before. Anyways, I was on the SIStv MB the other day and came across someone who was making this for her Holiday treats. I asked for the recipe and she ever so kindly emailed it to me! How sweet! Some people are funny about sharing their secret family recipes so I thought this a very kind gesture to a complete stranger. :) Anyways, like I said, I think they're basically just like ginger snaps. But I could be wrong. Point is..the kids love em! Miss Megan pushed a chair to the counter, climbed her little butt up on it and snagged a hot one right off the plate. When I caught her you should have seen her face! She'd stuffed a whole cookie in her mouth and was reaching for another one. She turned and looked at me like "what?". The girl is sneaky! We'll see what Pete says when he gets home from the ranch tonight and see if this is the cookie he remembers.
All of a sudden today I kind of started to panic. Christmas is in 9 days. Nine days. I still have presents to buy. Just when I thought I was ahead of the game, I realized now I'm a tiny bit behind. And then I talked to one of Pete's sisters yesterday...Jake and Blake wanted to play and Sarah needed to do some shopping so we swapped kids for a while....Jake went to her house for a while and then she brought both boys over here so she could go shop. Anyways, she comes back and asks me what Jake wants for Christmas...I say "oh, do you have us this year?". See, we agreed to pick families and then just buy stuff for that family. She says, "no, but I'm going to get all the kids something anyways....Kim is doing it too." Ahhhk! Ok so I can't be the only auntie that doesn't bring something for everybody. Now I've got to go get 4 extra the stuff I hadn't already gotten. And before you say, "no you don't", YES I do. I also feel completely lame for thinking I didn't have to do it before someone else suggested it. So back to Toys R Us I go...
Friday was my first day of working 7-4. Oh my, it was awesome! First off, when I got to the office I felt like I'd been initiated into a new club. The girls who were there already (who are usually in a beeotchy mood by the time I come in at 8)were so happy to see me and were so nice! See I got there before all the crap started so they were all in good moods! LOL!! But the best thing was...I was home and in my PJ's by 5:15! The kids were fed, had baths and in their PJs by 6:30. (ok, so I only made them PB&J...but still!) This is going to make a huge difference in our family life. I sincerely thank my boss for that. Dear Lord, thank you for Su. May she find peace and happiness in the year to come. Amen. For reals.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's cold! It's only 40* right now! And by morning it will be down in the 20*'s. And there's no snow. It's cold without purpose. I'm sure my Canadian and Northern US friends are laughing at me right now...saying I don't really know what cold is. You know what? You're right. But it's still cold to me! I think I'd like to live in Minnesota or somewhere like that just for one winter to see what it's really like...but then that's it.
I'm ready for 80* weather again. Well...right after Christmas. Christmas can be cold, but then after that bring on the heat!
Nothing new here...but I'm gettin booted of the puter.
See ya! It's the weekend!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ok, I'm supposed to be upstairs folding clothes....remember those ones I mentioned piled up on my bed yesterday? Yeah. Those. Procrastinating...agian. But I had to come back and say I'm sorry for calling my boss a B*tch. Well, I still pitty her daughter in laws...but she's kinda really awesome too. Today she asked me if I wanted to start coming in at 7 instead of 8. Seriously, this is like huge! That means I get to leave at 4. Which means I'll be home by 5. Which is an our and a half earlier than I'm getting home now. Yes, I'll have to get up and get the kids up earlier too...but I'm totally ok with that if I get to get home earlier. Pete and I are both pretty excited about it! Yipee!
Ok off to fold before I get busted!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I have not posted in 12 days? Wow. Time flies I guess! It's probably a good thing. I've been in quite a mood. And not a real good one. Don't know what my problem is really...but it probably has something to do with hormones and PMS. She gets me every time. Probably the other reason why I haven't posted is that I don't have a whole lot to talk about. I've been sitting here watching my cursor blink for like 2 minutes, wondering what to type next!
Christmas shopping is almost done. I just need to order Pete's present and get a couple more things for family. I finished my kids up today. I feel so much more organized this year for some reason. I'm usually the one panicking the week before Christmas. But I am the master procrastinator. I can always find something else to do rather than what I'm supposed to be doing or should be doing.
Take for instance tonight....Instead of emptying the dishwasher and filling it back up, I decided to make more dirty dishes by making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. (I had a serious craving! I'm telling you it's got to be the PMS!LOL!) But I did, however, clean up the kitchen afterwards. But now I'm sitting here typing my blog instead of folding the pile of clean clothes sitting on my bed. I tell ya, I can always find something else to do!
Everything else is just kind of going along like normal. We are actually really busy at work...or I should say busier than it's been since I started there. I don't think I've worked harder in the last 9 months than I have in the last week. Don't get me wrong though...being busy is WAY WAY better than being bored! I won't complain about the work load. But I will complain a tiny bit about the sometimes nasty ladies I work with. And my b*tchy boss that came back from LA that I can't stand. She's been running an office down south since July and is now back and back for good in our office. It's just kinda weird getting used to having her back. She's very uptight...expects 110% all of the time. The thing that really ticks me off is that she never ever sees when I'm doing a good job. But she never fails to notice if I screw up...and then point it out to everyone in the office. And then she talks to me (and others in the office) like I'm a kindergartner or something. You know, kind of in that condescending "mother" tone. She's got 2 adult boys and I pity theirs wives. I could not stand her as a mother in law. (dear Lord...please don't make me be like her...and I'm sorry for calling her names on my blog. Amen.)
See, I told ya...I got nothin!
Oh wait! I almost forgot! This totally made my day today! I was picked for this weeks Catwalk at SIStv! It's kind of a big deal for me...even though you know, it's not huge or anything...but I don't post a lot of layouts and it's nice that I got recognized. I don't go out looking for praise or anything, but I won't lie...I sure does feel good to get a little recognition!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dec. 1st

I've got all kinds of things running through my head today. It's kind of hard once I sit down to actually formulate them into rational sentances. Does this happen to anyone else? It's like as soon as I log in to Blogger, my mind goes blank of all the things I thought I wanted to write about. I'm going to start off with a list of just some random stuff.
*Christmas is coming! I got my tree up today. Actually, Jake and I put it together last night and then he and I decorated it today while Meg was taking a nap.
*She was SO cute when we came down stairs this morning. I had left the lights on the tree on. When we came around the corner and she saw it, she did a big *gasp* and said "woha!" I told her in my happy voice "its pretty, huh?" then in my stern mommy voice I said "DON'T TOUCH". far, so good! :)
*Megan hates to sit down in the tub. I have no idea why. I guess I should just put her in the shower?
*Jake rearanged his room today. Basically he took all the books off the shelf and toys out of the closet and kinda just put em all where they don't go. But he was so proud of himself. He said "momma look, I did my room".
*I need to stop eating crap. It's practically impossible to eat right this time of year. But I need to watch it. I just do NOT want to get those 27lbs back. It's seriously like a huge fear of mine. I think about my weight all the time now. Something I've never ever done in my life. I never had to. I was always a "skinny-mini" as my mom would say. And though I'm not fat now, it seems like I'm always sorta thinking about it.
*Yesterday was a good mail day! I got a big envelope from my friend with all kinds of cool 7 Gypsies stuff: paper and stickers, oh yeah and some HS ghost flowers. I LOVE those! Thanks Chrissy!!!
I also got my order from Old Navy with stuff for Christmas. Even though it wasn't for me, it was still good :)
*I also got the new CK magazine in my mailblox. There's been a lot of talk about this issue because they have kinda rebuilt the whole magazine. I can't say that I hated it. But I kinda don't like it too much. There's an article in there called "Your 2008 Life Plan". I'm not sure I want a scrapbooking magazine to give me my life plan. Do I need a life plan?? I really like scraping, but....I guess I don't view it like the people writing the articles? Not sure exactly how I like the new mag but I'll tell you this....Megan got a hold of it, ripped a page out and colored in it.....And I sat and watched her do it. So obviously I didn't care too much.
*Changing the sheets in a crib has got to be one of the most annoying and time consuming things ever! I just put Megan to bed. And I hate to admit this...but she takes a sippy cup to bed. (never did that with Jake!) I only put maybe 2 ounces of water in it. Anyways, about 20 seconds after I lay her down she started screaming. I go in there and the sippy cup as failed and she's soaked as well as the entire sheet. Who knew 2 ounces of water could make something SO wet? I had to change everything. It was not cool.
*I'm not sure why, but is playing the pilot episode of My So Called Life on their full episodes part of the website. Well, of course I had to watch it. That show was on when I was a Junior in high school. I remember really liking it back then. (Jerod Letto was so HOT!) But when I watched it today, I was like whoa...this show is soooo....heavy. It was so very dramatic and...controversial. I mean her friend was getting drunk, her other friend is bisexual. I dunno...but my teenage years were not so dramatic. And I wasn't so depressed. Claire Danes character was really kinda depressing. And her relationship with her parents! My gosh...I'm so thankfull my parents and I had such good relationships. I know many people can't say that about their teenage years...
*I'm going to plug ABC again because they've got another show I really like. Octber Road it's just a good story. And the guy that plays Eddie is pretty hot. That helps eh?!
*24 days till Christmas....are you done shopping yet??
Me niether.