Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a few things i've been thinking about...

Well, I'm sneaking around here at work again. I don't really like doing that. I constantly feel like someone is watching me. Scary thing is, they probably are. (Hi there person watching me! :p) Anyways, ok moving on...
I have to sneak around to blog at work now cause I have like no time at home. I get home from work, make dinner, give baths, get kidlettes in bed, then I go sit down at the computer and Pete says, " ahh, I need to get on there." Grrr. Normally I would argue with him, but lately I just don't have the energy!
Ok so here's something I've been thinking about lately...Feel free to leave comments about it. ( but not hate mail!) I'm curious to know if I'm the only one who thinks this is weird. Nicknames...Ok first off let me preface this by saying, I am NOT a nickname hater. I have several nicknames myself, I have nicknames for my kids, heck-technically my mom goes by her nickname. I AM NOT A NICKNAME HATER. However, I have a friend who has a nickname for everyone in her family and always, always calls them by the nickname instead of their real name. (her son's nickname sounds like the name of a German made car...it's just silly) She even calls him by the nickname when he's in trouble. I just think it's crazy. So is there a point when nicknames are just over used?
Ok, have I lost all of you now? Do you all hate me and think I'm a crazy nickname hater? I can see all my little e-friends are clicking off now going ok yeah, she's crazy...won't be coming back to this blog.... I'm really not that terrible. I really, really like this friend I'm talking about. She's a great person, it's just this quirky nickname thing that I just don't get. I think she'd find it funny if she read this. Her son is SOOO cute and has a great real name. (but I refuse to call him by the German car name)
Ok enough of that...
Before I go, I have to tell a funny story about Jake...My mother in law raises Basset Hounds as a hobby. About 2 weeks before Megan was born she had a litter. So now those puppies are all about 5 months old. She only has one left out of the litter and it's pretty big now, almost the size of all the other dogs. Anyways, this weekend she went to visit one of her dog breeder friends and brought home another puppy. But this one is only about 12 weeks old. So it's considerably smaller than the other puppy Grama still has. Anyways, we walk in the house yesterday and the new puppy is in the kitchen and comes running up to Jake. He looks at it and says, "Oh Gamma! You puppy grew down!" Oh, I about fell on the floor laughing! The way the little mind thinks. It was just hilarious. Just had to share that one. I gotta take a picture of that puppy so I can do a scrapbook page about it.
Ok, better be off before I get in trouble!


Jami said...

I do not hate nicknames, and like you I use them sometimes. Even the nicknames for my kids change from time to time. My grandbaby, Mia, we call Mimi sometimes.....but I have a friend who CHANGES everyones name...so I dont' know if that is the same thing or not. For example, a contractor I use, his name is Robert...this person kept refering to me getting "Bob" to do such and such...I didn't know who "Bob" was...he has never gone by Bob...and his wife does something similar...if your name does not end in an "E" sound, it would after she said it...Joyce becomes "JoycIE"...Grace becomes "Gracie" and so on and so forth....I think thats odd. I would love to see some pics of the Bassetts....the grown plus the grown down! Kiss your mom and Grandma for me!

camport said...

Ha! My bestfriend calls her son "Will-will." He is HUGE for his age, plus he's 4 so it seems kinda silly. BUT, we all do it now. It just comes out. My husband makes fun of us, and he's not really a "will-will," he's just a Will. I try my best not to say it.

I love Basset Hounds! I used to work for a vet and they were one of my favs. I love how lazy and unenthused they act with life.

Love that your hubby read my blog!! He does realize that reading blogs WILL make him grow boobs, right?

I've been keeping up w/your blog, too!