Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday ramblings

First, I still want to talk about the lawn...I have to thank you guys for letting me know I'm not crazy for thinking the letter I received was a little rude. I think Jude's rebuttal letter in the comments of my last post was awesome. It was perfectly pointed and exactly what I'd like to say the person! And, I really think I'm going to find some tacky yard ornaments and load my front lawn up with them. Anyone know where I can find some pink flamingos? Hook me up! Also, as I discussed with Chrissy via time I mow, I will strap Megan to my hip with a bungee cord and get to mowing...all the while I'll be smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. (Not really) But wouldn't that be funny? In a sick and twisted sort of redneck way?
In all seriousness though, I think that what bothers me most is that it was from a neighbor. Not the home owners association. If it was from the HOA, that is one thing. That is their maintain the quality of the association. I would expect a letter from them. What my neighbor did is try and handle the situation his/herself and in turn has created a very complicated environment. Because now, instead of cussing the HOA, I'm now wondering which neighbor I should cuss. Now, each time I exit my house and speak to a neighbor, behind my cheeky smile I'm thinking, "was it you? was it you? It WAS you. Well, you can just kiss my long grass!" Which is not the sort of attitude I'd like to have. I'm about 90% sure I know who wrote the letter, but I'll still always wonder. Really, I'm over it. But I thought it necessary for us bloggers to kind of finish our cyber conversation :)
On to other news....
* Jake had his Kindergarten physical yesterday. All was well until it came time to get the booster shots. Oh my. To say that it was dramatic or even traumatic would be an understatement. The kid went absolutely nuts. He was sitting on my lap with my legs wrapped around him and my arms around him in a tight bear hug and I could not keep the kid from flailing around and screaming like a banshee. You would have thought someone was murdering him. "NOOOOOO! DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT! AHHHHHHHH!" I'm sure if he knew any choice cuss words, he would have used them and called that lady every name in the book. He was totally out of control, complete with hyperventilating and everything. The good news is, if someone really was trying to do him harm, the boy would not go down without a fight. The kid has pure determination.
* Megan has been using the word No for quite some time now. But until recently it's just been a word she used to answer any question.
Me: Are you a good girl, Megan?
Her: No.
Me: Are you a bad girl?
Her: No.
Me: Do you love mommy?
Her: No.
But in the past week or so, the word has evolved and she's finally begun to understand it's true meaning. Enter: Toddler defiance. It's a lovely thing, isn't it?
She's also quite the tattle tail-er. Every opportunity she gets, she tells on Jake, the dogs, the cat. The tattle goes a little like this:
Her: Mama! (then she points her finger)
Her: da ba dee do da! Bad! (and yes, she really says "bad")
It's quite funny.
Other words added to her vocabulary lately: More, please, bite, shoe, ow!, what's that?, out side, and Shhh! which also includes the finger up to her mouth and everything.
I also caught her pretending yesterday. I was absolutely floored. She was sitting quietly by herself playing with a few of the dishes from the tea set I got her at Christmas. She scooped some pretend food out of the bowl and said "mo? (more) Bite?" and she scooped some imaginary food into an imaginary persons mouth. She's only 19 months old. Isn't that kind of young to be pretending that way? I was just shocked. But it sure was cute :)
* We had a lovely Easter on Sunday. Spent the day at the ranch and had a big family BBQ and Easter Egg hunt. It was a blast..I took a lot of pics, but none really that great.
* We're going on a church field trip tomorrow to Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Factory.
* I'm sick again. I hope I can make it through the day tomorrow. I feel fine if I just sit here. But the moment I get up and do something, I get the chills and my body aches all over. It's not good.
That's about it for now. Hope the week is treating you all well. :D

Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally, somthin' to blog about...

So, remember in my last post...the first random fact I mentioned was that I didn't know how to mow the lawn. I've never ever mowed one before. That particular fact was first on my list for a reason. See, the lawn (my lawn) has been on my mind for a while. It's that time of year where everything perks up and starts growing again. Our lawn is no exception. It was growing, wildly and no one was doing anything about it. No one being me, or Pete. Me because, well I already told you...I don't know how to mow! And Pete because, well he's been pretty busy trying to start his own business and work 40 hours a week.
Anyway, I was starting to get worried that someone was going to complain. So, I asked Pete if he could mow it...I'd asked him like 2 or 3 times. I even asked him to show ME how to do it so that he wouldn't have to worry about it. In fact, I was THIS close to dragging that mower out and make a fool out of myself trying to start it. The lawn was bad. I'm talking 10 inch long blades of least.
Have I mentioned that I live in a real snooty neighborhood? I'm talking Desperate Housewives, Wisteria Lane, snooty. Every one's yards are perfectly manicured and gorgeous. So you know...10 inch long grass sticks out like a sore thumb around here. That is why I was worried.
So yesterday Pete came home and mowed the lawn. Hallelujah!
But today, we got this in the mail:

Now, I realize that this neighbor was probably trying to be considerate by not identifying his/herself. And I KNOW my yard was pretty despicable. BUT I still can't help but be a teensy bit offended by this letter. I mean, do you think I would have received this letter 20 years ago? It seems that people don't really seem neighborly anymore. It seems to me that 20, 30 years ago someone might have said "I wonder if Mrs. Wilcox is ok?....I know Mr. Wilcox has been real busy...and didn't Mrs. Wilcox lose her job recently? Maybe I should stop by and see if there's anything she needs?"
But alas, it seems times have changed and instead I get an anonymous letter in the mail.
So, here is my response that I plan on posting on a stick in my front yard:

What? Too harsh?

EDITED: What I find humorous about this whole thing is...if you notice the envelope was post marked March 20th...which was yesterday....The day the lawn finally got mowed. If they just would of waited one more day. And I bet they felt kinda bad after they saw Mr. Wilcox mowing...knowing full well they couldn't take back the letter they just sent. I'm just saying.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Randomness

Wow, so a whole week has gone by again? I've been such a blog slacker. You'd think I'd find more time for it now...but somehow there always seems to be something else to do. I think that's my excuse for everything.
We're still trying to get things ready for Kindergarten...this week starts a week of doctor and dentist appointments. Jake and I go to the dentist tomorrow. I'm a little scared...cuz I haven't been to the dentist in a while. And this is one I've never been to before. I don't think I have any cavities though. I hope not. I'll be glad to have some super clean teeth! I love that feeling when they're all slick and shinny!
Megan has an appointment with a dermitologist on Friday. Since she was about 8 months old she's had these mole like things on her neck. They're really gross and keep getting bigger...they're actually skin tags. I hate that word/words...sounds so yucky! Anyways so I'm glad she'll finally be getting those taken care of. I'm also going to ask about her exema. She has it SO bad. The poor little girl feels like sand paper and she's got it so bad behind her knees that her skin looks all shinny and really red. I know it hurts her.
Gosh, I really have nothing interesting to talk about! I was tagged 2ce last week by Jude and Ronda for 7 random know, I'm all about randomness!
1. I've never ever mowed a lawn. ever. Don't even know how to start the lawnmower.
2. I don't like mushrooms. Or seafood. I can pick around mushrooms....but I can NOT pick around seafood. YUCK. I think mushrooms completely ruin pizza.
3. I love pizza (whithout mushrooms). My first job was at a pizza place that my best friends dad owned. He was a real jerk. But I worked there for a year cuz my mom told me I had to. I probably ate pizza every day for a year....and I was still a size 6. I totally wish I still had that body and metabolisim!
4. My first kiss wasn't until I was 17! Well...there was one time when I was 15, but it was so bad I don't want to remember it. The time at 17 wasn't great either.
5. When I get really mad, I throw stuff. What ever is in my hand at the time. And if I don't have anything in my hand, I find something. Don't make me mad. :)
6. When I was 18, my best friend and I went to Mexico for a week by ourselves for Spring break. All I can say about that is...ahem.... whatever happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. That was probably one of the wildest weeks EVER! LOL! Not quite "Girls gone Wild"......but almost. :)
7. After I finish a scrapbook page...I have to stare at it for a good hour or more to make sure I really like it.
That's it. Why does it always seem so hard to think of 7 things?
I'm still trying to finish up my Pig Farmer Wife story...I've started it like 3 times now. It's just not coming together well.
Here's a couple layouts I did this weekend...I haven't posted any here in a LONG time so here ya go:

Good grief, could this post be any more random??

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello Blogland...

Sorry I've been away so long. I'm a procrastinator and I'm lazy. That's the only excuse I have.
Thanks for all the well wishes from my last post. I'm feeling much better about the situation now. Seriously, I think most of you would probably laugh at the whole thing. It was basically someone making one little mole hill into a giant mountain..of Mt. Everest proportions! Ok, what the's what happened (the very, very short version) Basically, this crazy lady called the cops on me because she found out we have guns in our house. uh huh. That's the gist of it. Hey lady? Last time I checked...this was still America, and we still have the right to bear arms. Just so you know.
And just so you guys in blogland know...our guns are all unloaded, and locked in a secure cabinet, away from children. I double checked.
Anywho....I'm so glad it's daylight savings time, and I'd like to shake the man's hand whoever came up with the idea of making it come sooner and stay longer. They say it's supposed to save energy...I think that's probably a bunch of bologna (yes, i just sang the Oscar Myer song to myself to type b-o-l-o-g-n-a), but I don't care. I know a bunch of people are all like "duuude...I lost an hour of sleep!" And yeah, you are correct. BUT dude, you gained an hour of DAY. To me, that is awesome. Daylight savings means we are just that much closer to summer! Which means swimming pools and suntans. And BBQ's and camp outs. And maybe, just maybe even playing outside AFTER dinner, and maybe an evening walk. Which I seriously need to start doing. Really.
Since obtaining my new position at the Wilcox house, I think a tiny bit of that 27lbs I lost last starting to creep right onto my @ss. Not good. I can NOT go back to the way things were. Must stop the madness NOW!
See, part of my problem is...I have this new obsession. Food blogs. When I was working I started using Google Reader as my RSS feeder (I don't even know what that means) so that I could read all your blogs. The work firewall wouldn't let me use Bloglines. Anyway, the cool thing about Google Reader is that it is smart. It like KNOWS I like Scrapbooking blogs, and parenting blogs and because of my subscription to, It knows I'm interested in food blogs...SO it periodically recommends all these lovely blogs for me to check out. How cool is that?! Pretty cool, I say. (does Bloglines recommend? just wondering)Except for now I'm subscribed to like 7 or 8 different food blogs, that mostly cook yummy fattening foods. And they make me want to eat. And cook. And eat some more. Maybe I should unsubscribe? Regardless, I can't let the blubber take over again. Period.
Oh, and guess what? (I'm changing subjects now) I had a nice sort of surprise visit from Chrissy yesterday! She and her family, and their friends were on their way back to Phoenix from Seattle. It just happened that they were driving right past here about dinner time. So me and the kids packed up and met them over at the Golden Corral for dinner. It was so great! I finally got to meet Sean and Simon and Felix....although, I really felt like I knew them already anyway. They are a great family and I'm so glad to have spent time with them. But the visit was WAY too short. :( If you check out my photo blog, you'll find a picture of us there. For some reason blogger is having issues and I can't upload it here. :P
That's about all that's going on around here. I've got to get stuff ready for Jake's Kindergarten registration. I still can not believe I'm going to have a kid in school. Holy crap. So I've got to get is shot record, order his birth certificate, and now they need to have a dental exam too! So, lots of stuff to do...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Drama, drama, drama.

Too much drama for this momma for sure.
As I've mentioned here before...I am not one for confrontation. I run and hide from it. I'm one that stands blubbering in the moment and thinks of all the "i shoulda said" things after the fact. When faced with confrontation, I usually clam up.
Yesterday was one for the books. Oh. My. Goodness. I will never forget it. Jake will never forget it. Oh how I wish I could give you guys all the details. I feel like I'm depriving you of the story. But being that this is a public blog, I don't think it would be appropriate for me to say too much.
I took my kids to meet some friends from church at this kids play place...kinda like Chuck E. Cheeses. We were having a great time, the kids were having an excellent time and then...BOOOM. There was a confrontation between another mother and me. And it was not good. Crazy. Wacky, even. Ooohh I want to write more. But I just don't think it would be right to put it all here for the world to read. The only reason I'm writing about it at all is because I just need to vent it out, you know? And this is like my diary in a way, and it wouldn't feel right to not mention it at all.
Yesterday, I felt pretty loopy after the whole thing. I felt sick to my stomach. When we got home I literally just sat here on the computer staring at the screen. I could hardly concentrate on anything. The mind can do crazy things to you. I actually thought "if I were at work, this would have never happened." It was a real eye opener for me. I tend to be the kind of person who likes to believe in the good in people....that most people are genuinely good. And this lady wasn't bad. Not at all.... I can sometimes get lost in my own world and forget that there are people who are REALLY against the things I believe in. That there are people who are not going to agree in the way I chose to live my life, or raise my children. Anyway, I think there were many lessons learned by all involved. And lots of reflection for me today. I'm a good mom. I know it, and most importantly, my kids know it. That's all that really matters.
I know this is all kind of vague, but thanks for reading anyways! It feels good just let it go.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

a fine leap day.

I've never really thought about leap day/leap year before. I mean, I've never thought of it as anything special. Yet, yesterday did seem to have a bit of extra specialness to it somehow.
It was a day that absolutely nothing was accomplished but at the end I felt very satisfied anyway. You know that feeling? I guess it's hard to explain.
We spent about 90% of the day outside. That was awesome. Seriously gorgeous spring like weather....I was even wearing a skirt and tank top! :D My friend and her 2 kids came over in the morning and we took the kids to the "big park" in town. When we got back to my house it was lunch time/nap time and they went home. Megan went down as usual for her afternoon nap and Jake heard kids playing outside. I let him go out front with his bike, I opened the windows and let fresh air in and listened to the sound of happy laughter and speedy kid bikes up and down the sidewalk as I picked up toys and put away dishes. The air coming in the house was so refreshing. I sat on my front stoop for a while and talked to my neighbor for a good long time as our boys played. Before we knew it...the entire gang of boys on the street had emerged, along with their parents and we were literally having an afternoon free for all up and down the whole street. I actually talked more to the girl at the end...the one who is a SAHM but seems a little stand-offish. OH, and I finally asked her name. It's Stephanie :D I think really, she's just a lot like me. The thought of having to talk to me must frighten her. I think we're both just shy. But we're getting there. At least we've got the name thing over with now. :D Who knows we might just become friends. Except I have this thing where I've never liked anyone named Stephanie. But I'm trying to get over that. It all started with Stephanie Reithmier in 3rd grade. The girl did me wrong and I've never forgot it. You think maybe it's been long enough? I can let it go now? LOL!
Anyways, that's really all I did yesterday. Nothing big, but it sure felt good. See sunshine and warmth make me happy. I'm pretty easy that way! But it was just as if the world knew yesterday was extra....Because just about 5 o'clock, someone flipped a switch. A cool breeze came in and before too long clouds covered the sun and it cooled off and we all retreated back into our houses. It was just a spring tease. Today we were back to clouds and wind. :(

*such an exciting life isn't it?*

I'm working on my 3rd and I think probably last installment of my Pig Farmer story...hope to post that next week.

Happy Sunday :)