Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I knew this would eventually happen...

I'm not a naive parent. I know my kid is not an angel all of the time. *gasp* But I'd like to think he is most of the time. :)
Jake got in trouble at school. Last week (Wednesday, I think) his teacher pulled me aside when the kids got out of class to let me know that Jake had been teasing another little boy in class. So much that the other little boy was crying.
ugh! What?!
First, I was surprised. Teasing? Really? Something about the other little boy having a girlfriend or something like that. (Ok, typical kindergarten stuff, right?) But obviously teasing is not ok...especially when you make the other person cry.
Second, I was a little embarrassed. Like I said..I know my kid is not always an angel...but I've been in the classroom...he seems like one of the good ones. (I know, insert gag here)
So anyway, I was flaming mad. We went home, had a "talking to" and then had another "talking to" when Pete got home.
Thursday I checked in with the teacher and she said all was well.
Friday no school.
Monday she pulls me aside again. ugh! More teasing. Same kid. Are you kidding me?
So we had another "talking to", no playing outside with the neighborhood kids. And we let him know this was "his last warning".
So today I go to pick him up and I'm waiting at the gate for the kids to come out and I see the look on this face. I knew something was up. This time the teacher did not come to talk to me, but one of the other kids in the class told me Jake had been punching the same boy he had been teasing the days before. The look on Jake's face confirmed it.
I just could not believe it.
I'm not sure why the teacher didn't come talk to me. But being that I've been the teacher before, I know it's hard to be the bearer of bad news to the same parent every day. I know that sometimes teachers will say they were "ok" even though they really weren't. I'm not sure if that was the case today or not. I really don't even know why Jake was hitting the little boy. He clams up and won't talk to me. (because he thinks he's getting in trouble) It may have been nothing, and that's why the teacher didn't tell me. I mean, if it was a big deal, I'm sure she would have said something. Right?
So obviously I need to have a talk with the teacher. There's always two sides to every story. Right now I'm just going off of what she's told me and Jake's not saying much. But I just feel like....what else am I supposed to do?
So that's that.
On to Megan...
That girl is 2 going on 12! Miss Drama Queen. Girls are so different than boys. Jake definitely had the whole terrible two's thing (maybe earlier than 2) but it was nothing like this! I wouldn't call her terrible at all...just DRAMATIC. That girl cries over everything. Everything. If I tell her no: cry. If she doesn't get what she wants: cry. Someone looks at her the wrong way: cry. It's enough to make a mom nuts! Thank goodness she's so flippin cute.
She's been talking like crazy too. All kinds of new words and long sentences every day.
Some of her favorites:
Why, Momma?
But why not?
Oh! Jakey look! (I have no idea why she calls him Jakey-but she does!)
What is it?
O'r dere! (over there)
O'r her (over here)
Righ dere (right there)
My mom and I were totally impressed by this one: Watch, Nama! Look, See?! (she calls all of her grandmas Na-ma.)
Oh and I finally figured out one of her words today. She's been saying "Bad-ash" for weeks now and I could not figure out what she was saying. Bad guys? Bad Ass? who know's why'd she be saying bad ass, but ya never know! I can't remember what we were talking about today, but I asked her "why?" and she replied "Badash!" I finally got it. Badash=Because! Duh!
Two more notes for today and then I'll be done:
1. I'm doing the week in the life project with Ali Edwards and every other scrapbooker in computer land. (LOL!) Started today. Really hoping I can actually finish this project!
2. I got a ticket this morning for rolling a stop sign. In my own neighborhood. Very irritating A)because I would argue that I stopped, but you can't argue with a cop. Crying doesn't work, I've tried it. I took my ticket as humble-y as I could. B) all my neighbors were giving me the looky-loos as I was getting my lovely ticket written up. embarrassing. C) I have to do traffic school again. I just did it about 2 years ago. I did it online, but it totally sucked. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Not looking forward to that at all.
So that's it for now.
I've got a bunch of pictures from last weekend. We went to the zoo on Friday and then to my moms for the weekend. I had a whole bunch all edited and prettied up and then didn't save them. Then Pete came along and closed my program and didn't save them either. :( Oh well.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random Vblog #2

*forgive the hair. It's Saturday, what can I say?

Random Kid video:

Saturday, September 06, 2008


I freaking HATE computers. Ahrghuaslkghoasud!! #%$^^&^@!*)&*^^)!!!
I fell a little bit better.
Not really.
I totally thought my computer completely crashed.
In fact I have no idea why it is working right now.
Here I was just browsing the good ol internet and everything froze up. It happens, nothing too unusual. I try the whole control/alt/delete tactic. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. You know...never ending hour glass. So I figure, well I better just shut down and restart. All of a sudden, all my windows close, but no shutting down occurs. (I realize I'm VERY impatient but it shouldn't take more than a minute, right?) Nothing happening. So of course I go to the next route...hold in power button. System shuts off. Wait about 30-40 seconds, press power button again.
Now usually the little Dell symbol shows up and prompts me to push F1 to continue on to Windows. This time it gives me some error message I've never seen before. Something like cannot find drive or something like that. I don't even remember now.
(Sorry, but I cuss in my head constantly. Just keepin it real.)
*heavy sigh*......Push in power button again. System shuts off. Wait 30-40 seconds, push power button again.
Same error message.
*heavy sigh* (yell at kids to be quiet)
Turn system off again.
Turn back on--this time I push F12 immediately to get to the set up menu. It doesn't go there automatically, first it goes back to that nasty error message and then like 2 minutes later the set up screen appears. SO WEIRD. Not sure what this is going to do, but what the heck? Right? So I scroll down, I don't see anything unusual, but what the heck do I know? Finally, I give up because again, what the heck do I know about computers anyway? and then boom...the Windows boot screen shows up.
Ta-da! It's working!
Black screen.
Black screen lasts for like 2 minutes!
What the H?!
Just when I'm about ready to give up, there's the blue log-on screen with a pink flower for Corey and a dirt bike for Pete.
Seriously, I was about to freak. Ok, obviously I was freaking out. I don't have the money to go fixin' no computer. Or buying one either.
I'm still not convinced it's working properly though.
It took a LONG time to go through the whole boot up process. That can't be good. Thankfully, all my pictures are still here. I'm about to go burn a disk of all the ones I haven't burned yet. Just in case.
If you don't see me around the net...You know what happened.