Thursday, January 11, 2007


Ok, so I don't know what the deal is, but I haven't been able to sign in here for 2 days now. Blogger makes me so mad sometimes. Seems like there's always problems!
Grrr. Anyways, I'm back at work. Hate it. More on this later. I better get off here before I get in trouble....wait...maybe they'll fire me....Hmmmmm. Better not think like that! Need money!


camport said...

Blogger makes me insane at times, too. Lately, they've been ok. You have the same red hair as my best friend I mentioned in my post. everybody thinks we're related even tho our reds are on complete opposite sides of the red scale.

ANYWAYS...all that was totally insignificant, but at least you know I'm reading your blog!
:) Chrissy

Jude said...

Hey Corey. I am so sorry you have to be at work! :( How did the kids do when you went back? Check out Emily Falconbrdge's blog (here is the addy...
I got this from a friend today, she is doing a great challenge with playing cards...May be just the thing for a busy, and now working Mom... :) (ok, not that you weren't working at home, you know what I meant!! LOL)