Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thursday Things. OR Random Rants of an Old Person.

Hello November.

*So far my calendar this month is much, much cleaner than last month. But it's only the first day!
I'm hoping it stays clean though.

* We didn't go out last night for Halloween. I figured the 10lbs of candy the kids got over the weekend was plenty.  Living way up on the side of a hill doesn't make for very good trick-or-treating, or trick-or-treatERs for that matter.

* I saw on Facebook today a bunch of pics from everyone's events. HOLY COW the amount of slutty costumes just gets worse and worse. I think there is a WHORE costume for everything. Slutty Big Bird? They make it.  When did Halloween go from scary and cute to lets see how much of a cheap dirty street walker I can make myself look.  I know it's not anything new. But what bothers me the most is the teen agers. How can a mother let her 13 year old daughter go out with a "tutu" that barely covers her ass and FISH NET STALKINGS and she's supposed to be a 'fairy'??  How can someone let their 17 year old daughter go out dressed like a "police woman" with a garter belt??! Oh my goodness. Can someone be a parent here? THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE attire for anyone under the age of 21. Call me a prude.

* Whew. I just had to get that out. Lord help me with the teen age daughter I will soon have.

* Speaking of teen agers....What is with this thing they do when on FB or texting or what ever....they add extra consonants to the ends of the words?? Do you know what I mean? My friends daughters' user name on FB is Nancyyyy With 3 extra Y's. At first I thought it was a privacy she would be harder to find if her name was spelled weird. But then I noticed that my cousin's daughter did the same thing within almost all of her status updates. Like: I'mm so happyy todayy. Is that supposed to emphasize how we read it? Like when I write sooooo. ??

* Ok I'm officially an old fart.

* Also, who or what is Honey Boo Boo?

* I don't like holiday cards that say Merry Everything. It kinda seems like a cop-out to me. Like I don't know if it's ok if I say Merry Christmas...I might offend someone!! What if they're not Christian?! What if they don't like Christmas? ! What if.....OH FINE just Merry Everything then. Nope. It doesn't work for me.

* I really can't wait until this election is over. I'm so sick of the political stuff everywhere I turn. It makes me not even want to talk to certain people. Plus it's so confusing sometimes.  One add says one thing, and I think YES I'm going to vote for that. Then 5 minutes later another add comes on and says if you vote for that then you're going to hurt all the farmers and the mom-n-pop shops and blah blah blah...and dang it! I don't want to hurt anyone. I just want the right to know exactly what's in my dang food. Why is it never that easy?

* It's so hard being an adult some times.