Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is it just me?

Or do I appear to have freakishly long fingers? Just look at them...they go on and on. If I wasn't 4 years old when the movie E.T. was filmed, I would swear Steven Spielberg modeled E.T.'s hands out of mine. E.T. phone home. Not only are my fingers freakishly long...just look how blotchy and clammy they look. Eww.
I have absolutely nothing to talk about. But I saw this picture as I was uploading and it just scared me a bit. I figured it might be worth blogging about. I'll have to see if I can dig out this picture of me when I was like 12 I think. I was in a dance class and the particular picture I'm thinking of is me, dressed in my dance costume. I'm down on bended knee with my arms spread like I'm going to take flight and "jazz hands". Talk about long. My arms are so long, they almost don't fit in the picture. I'm sure the photographer had to back up an extra 5 feet as to not cut them off in the frame. Mom? Do you have that picture? I'm willing to sacrafice my coolness to show you my freakishly long monkey arms. If I can find it, I'll post it. For the sake of the blog. Spandex, glitter eyeshadow and all. Oh and really puffy hair.
Oh. I started an account at Twitter. Geesh. Yes, I DO have to be involved in every new internet trend. Gah. You can see on the sidebar over there --------------> little updates. The only reason why I did it is because I get these amazingly awesome (!) ideas that come swarming into my head. And then I come here to blog and they're mysteriously gone. Poof. Brain fart. And sometimes I just have little random bits that come and go that I think maybe are funny or memorable, but not necessarily blog worthy. Such as freakishly long fingers. So.....if you want to follow that, cool! If you don't, that's cool too. I think you can leave comments there too. Not sure how that works.
Speaking of internet trends.....What the heck is Skype? I don't get it. Someone explain, please. I need to know. I'm feeling left out in the dark on this one. And hello, I'm all about following trends.


Melissa said...

your fingers are beautiful :) I am always criticizing my fingers because they are short and chubby....

I've heard of the Twitter and Skype thing, but never investigated either.

But, then again, I've been avoiding parts of the Internet lately...just for lack of time.

Anonymous said...

Cora-B, I'll look for that picture. What happened to your pinky? It looks a little crooked! You've always had very long arms, legs, fingers and toes! When you were a tiny baby and I put in those one piece qizzmos, your toes would poke holes in the feet! Or an arm would come flying out of the seat and smack some old lady in the next isle over! You did, however, manage to grow into your extremities and now every thing fits together perfectly! Mom

camport said...

you are hilarious! I think you have elegant, piano playing hands.

Skype is something you must investigate. I never got into facebook or twitter, but me and Beth Skype almost everyday. You have to get a camera and microphone, but it's better than being on the phone b/c you can actually see the person. AND it's free! I got my camera at Best Buy for like $20.


nicole said...

love the twitter updates...
currently all my internet time is being spent on facebook...another site that is quite addicting.
so with twitter do all your entries stay online as well? just curious about archiving - and seriously those would make a very cool mini book!
yeah and can't tell you to much about skype - I signed up but haven't got my webcam hooked up yet so I still just use messanger.
hope you have a great weekend!

Ronda P. said...

I would love long fingers. Mine are small...childish small. I am afraid I will never a truly great pianist. Love Skype. It is an awesome way to connect.

beth said...

you've gotta get skype! :)
it's lots of fun.
and then you can do video yahoo messenger too.