Sunday, July 13, 2008

hey guys

no blogging = not much going on around here. It's been super hot (with the exception of the last two days) like I'm not kidding 110* degrees. So the majority of our waking hours have been spent at the pool.

Which is fine by me. :) Jake is getting more and more brave every day. I caved and got him some arm floaties. I've not been a huge fan of these thingies because I think they give a false sense of security and make kids a little over confident. I'm still finding this to be quite true...BUT they are allowing him to actually get in and enjoy the water and feel confident enough to practice real swimming. So, it's been good. HUGE difference from a month ago.
Last weekend was spent up at the ranch. I must say, despite the heat, it was pretty fun this time. (not that it's not fun every other time we go...this time was just a little different) We (me and the kids) actually spent the night up there so we had 2 full days to play and mess around. PLUS, Pete's partner Curt had his wife up there and it was just so nice to have a woman to talk to! AND she brought her horse, Tulip. :)

I hadn't ridden a horse in about 10+ years and I took a little 15 minute jaunt on Miss Tulip. It was so fun and it felt great to sit in the saddle again. If I didn't have kids, I'd SO want a horse! Too much work though. And money. Oh! and guess what??!!! The turkeys made their way home! My garage is now turkey free! And a little less stinky, however, there is a lingering scent still there. I can't help to still look to my left as I go out and expect to see little beady eyes staring at me. But I don't miss them! Not one bit. Oh and to answer a few questions...No, I did not release one like I had thought. I was close, but couldn't bring myself to do it. But if they were still on Sunday, you bet your life I would have!
My mom came down yesterday and we took the kids to the pool...of course! Had a great time and basically had the entire Olympic size pool to ourselves. Nice! MOM: could you please email me those pics we took yesterday, ok? Don't forget! I need them :) Thx.
Jake funny:
So we as a family read the Bible together about twice a week. 5 year old boys (or almost 5) are like little sponges and he is retaining EVERYTHING we have read about. Can't complain about that, right? But it's funny because some things he just takes so literally.
When we were up at the ranch last weekend, we took a ride down to the pond. There were thousands and thousands of little baby frogs/toads everywhere. An almost 5 year old boys dream come true! He was catching them right and left. At one point he had about 7 or 8 baby frogs in his pocket ready to take home. No frogs. We just got rid of the turkeys, please, no frogs. Well, Pete caved and let him take one tiny little froggy home in an empty Gatorade bottle.

The little boy was just smitten with this silly frog. He even had to tell it goodnight when it was time to go to bed. But alas, when he got up the next morning, the frog had died. He was so, so sad and he cried and cried. I told him to go bury the frog in our flowerbed in the patio. So he did. A few hours later he went out to, i guess, say a few last words to the frog. But he couldn't find him. So, he came in the house and said this:
"Well, I can't find my frog. I guess God must have been out there when I wasn't looking and took him up to be with him in heaven, because he's not out there. God touched him and healed him and took him to heaven. God is very powerful, don't ya know."
Hee hee! he's so cute :)
Dang! Today marks exactly one month until school starts. Gah! I'm SO not ready for this. I can hardly believe it.


Jude said...

Aw, what a cute story about the frog!!! Glad to hear you are turkey free too!! LOL.

Melissa said...

UGH for hot weather, but yeah for the pool!

Tanner loves to be in the water too, but instead of the floaties I use one of those swim vests. It makes him use his arms a bit more I think.

And school in one month? Oh my. Although, I did get Tanner's backpack and lunch box while at Target today getting tp. Hey, they were on sale....