Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A couple things I really love lately...
First: Dawn Simple Pleasures liquid dish soap. Specifically the Lemon and Tangerine scent. Oh my. It smells so good. The soap itself is scented, but the bottle also has a built in air freshener thingy on the bottom. It's like these little scented balls, and every time you tip the bottle, this lovely whiff of lemon-y orange tickles your nose. I love it. And the soap (while not anti bacterial) still works just as well as you would expect from Dawn. It is a little bit more money of course, but that yummy smell is worth it!

Second: Kraft Tuscan House Italian dressing and marinade. (this link is not direct to the exact product. I couldn't find it on the Kraft website but this is similar.) Yum. This is the best marinade for grilled chicken breasts. Not to mention quick and super easy. Season chicken with salt and pepper. Place in zip-lock bag, squirt in some dressing. Seal bag. Let sit for 10 minutes or so while your heating the grill. Then throw it on the grill! Really, really moist, flavorful chicken. So good. I also use this as a dressing for pasta salad.

Third: Target brand disinfecting wipes. Sorry, no linkage for this one...couldn't find it on their website. But as far as I can tell, they work just as well as the Clorox brand and are still easy to dispense. Lysol wipes totally suck. They never come out of the thingy correctly. Bunch of crap. Target wipes+ easy out=good.

Fourth: Bushes Grillin' Beans Do you like baked beans? Pete is weird. He LOVES them. I mean, I like them and all, but Pete uses baked beans in burritos instead of re fried or pinto or black beans. So strange. Anyways, so I found these Grillin' Beans at the store a few weeks ago and since we've (ahem..I've) been doing a lot of grillin' lately and because well Pete really likes baked beans, I thought what the hey! let's try grillin' beans. We're totally obsessed now. Lovin' the Grillin' Beans. We've been having them with almost every meal. Way better than plain ol' baked beans.

So I guess that's it for now. Do you guys even care about this stuff? Is it all interesting? I realize it's probably not. This kind of post means there's really NOTHING exciting or blog worthy going on around here.

*Books!* I have not forgotten about giving away books. I'm just trying to come up with a better way of doing it, and letting more than one or two books go at a time. That way it's worth the shipping cost. So if you're still interested in that...there will be more books coming.


Allie said...

Things to try! I will keep these in mind when I make the dreaded grocery run. :)

Cheryl Wray said...

I love that dressing and marinade too. Yummy!! (I made a pasta salad with it!)

Melissa said...

1. That soap sounds great...must look for when heading to Target next :0

2. Always looking for another way to kick up chicken, will also have to try this.

3. Target wipes are good. I agree with the Lysol wipes thing. They stink. I am between Clorox and Target, whatever is on sale I'll buy.

4. I usually doctor up my baked beans when I make them (add lots of goodies and throw in the oven) but I will have to try these!

Thanks for sharing!

nicole said...

i like this post :)
always like to know what other people like or what works well before I buy it!