Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America! I made you a cake!

I love 4th of July. It's my favorite holiday. Always has been. There's just something about hot weather, BBQ's and lightin' stuff on fire that just makes me happy. I'm a closet pyromaniac. Not really. Well maybe. I get it from my mom. We LOVE fireworks. Unfortunately, they are not allowed in our city. Boo! But they do have a city fireworks show in the park after dark. And that's where we're headed tonight. Let's just hope it's worth the wait. Last time we went it was pretty horrible. We waited until almost 10 before they started and then they couldn't get em up high enough (sounds like a personal problem..ahem. please pardon my immaturity.) past the trees so we could see them. And it just totally sucked. The whole thing was like a big hoser waist of time. And yet we're venturing out again this year! Yippee! What else are you to do when you live in a small town that doesn't let you light stuff on fire?
In all seriousness, I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday.
God Bless America. And Canada. They're nice too :D Happy belated Canada day!
oooh! I forgot--me and the kids are gonna make home made ice cream today! Yeah! What is cake without ice cream? And home made ice cream just screams summer to me. It's gonna be good!
Have fun today Americans!


Anonymous said...

Home made ice cream! Oooo! Grandma made the best! We'd sit and eat bowl after bowl cause Papa didn't want any leftovers! 4th of July is one of my favorites too. I blew a fingernail off with a Lady Finger firecracker one year! Hurt like the dickins, but sure had fun! Uncle George and I had a fireworks stand one year and had ton of stuff that didn't sell, so Papa bought it and we spent hours lightin' stuff on fire! I think that's where I got the 'bug'.

Jude said...

Dude, I looked at the turkey pics... tell Pete he is a LUCKY man... most women, me included would not be able to handle all the wild life!! LOL.

Melissa said...

that looks yummy!

Cheryl Wray said...

I love the 4th too!!! We did sparklers here at the house and then watched some awesome fireworks at church. it was a GOOD weekend!

And, what made it better? Yes, we had some homemade ice cream. And, in fact, I think I will go make some this evening. Yummy!!!

nicole said...

that cupcake looks delicious...lucky america! :)
hope you guys had a great holiday!!

Kimberly White said...

That cake looks DELICIOUS! God bless America (thanks for the blessing on Canada too!) Hope the fireworks were awesome! Love ya! Kim