Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When do you complain?

When is a dog SO ANNOYING that it becomes ok to complain about it? There is this dog in my neighborhood and it HOWLS and whines all night long. It sounds like a very sick old man...neh, it's a dog. I am not a dog hater...if you've been following along, I have 2. But SERIOUSLY, oh my gosh, this big old man howler, is getting on my nerves right now! There he goes again. *going insane right now!* At first I felt sorry for the poor fella...He sounds so miserable and sad and probably cold. His owners must be meanies, not letting him in, or at least letting him in the garage. Heck, maybe he is in the garage, I don't know. I've never actually seen the thing, only heard him. I'm not kidding you guys, he sounds like those howling ghosts on Scooby Doo or something. So when do you call the home owners association or the city or whatever? I'm usually not like that...I'm sensitive to pet owners...because I am one too. But if it's bothering me this much...what about the people who live right next to him? Why don't the owners do something? Why don't I hear them calling out "Charlie" -or whatever his name is-"knock of the racket!"
Maybe I'm just a little overly sensitive right now...I'm super tired and all I can hear is this dog. I'm sleeping downstairs tonight because now Pete has the sickies. Will it ever go away? Will I be able to scathe through unharmed? I sure hope so!
I just got this huge paper cut---no cardboard cut on my finger! Dang it's bleeding and everything! You know what it's from...oh yeah cardboard..already told you that. All I was trying to do was get one of those little Jell-O snacks out of the fridge. The durn thing wouldn't come out of the package. I'm like "jeeze, it's only 10 calories, just let me have it!" as I'm ripping it out. "let go, I say!" Am I so desperate that I must endure injury for 10 measly calories? LOL!!! I guess so.
Well, now that I've had my little snackie, and for the moment the dog isn't howling, I'm going to take up my spot on the couch for the night.
Ok, there goes the dog again.
This is going to be a long night.


camport said...

Crazy chuckling!! You had me cracking up on this post. The little one ate two jello cups last night. But without injury.

I hate cardboard cuts. I also hate barking dogs. My neighbors have one that never stops. I'd make Pete call somebody. :) I mean, you don't want to look like the animal hater, do you? :) Sean is always yelling about the neighbors dog, like they can't hear him!! But it lets me get away with letting Felix scream. They can't complain about my pet if I don't complain about theirs.

Hope you don't catch the bug. I thought I was getting it last night, but the moment passed. Maybe it's a kid/man virus only.

Happy Thursday, Chrissy

Carla said...

I found your blog via Chrissy's and I just had to post a comment. We had the worst yacking dog problem. Directly behind our house the neighbors had 3 annoying dogs that would bark 24/7. We couldnt even sit int he back yard and play with the kids without the annoying dogs getting all worked up. We basically had the police non-emergency line on speed dial and called evertime it happened. I dont know if they got warnings or tickets or what, but it stopped. I think they put electric colars on them. I would call who ever you can to complian :) Just my two cents. Noise polution sucks :)

Jude said...

Oh Corey...seriously... that dog must go!!I could not stand that, hope it is over soon. If not, call the cops, then call again, and again, and again. Micah was a cop, and if they come it is documented, then it will be a legit noise violation. Most towns/cities have noise ordinances for after 10pm, and before 6am. I owe you an e-mail too, i know... still getting caught up from the weekend! Sorry!!

Kimberly White said...

LOL! Love your commentary on the dog and the carboard cut - hope it's healing well! I think it would be okay to complain about a howling dog - maybe put a note in the dog owners mailbox or something. Poor dog - poor neighbourhood who has to listen to it. Have a great day! Looking forward to getting to know you with the cj! Kim

Miss jane said...