Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well, I haven't heard that crazy old man howler for a couple of nights now. I think someone must have complained. It wasn't me. See I'm all talk and no action. I may have talked about calling the city about the dog...but in reality I don't think I would have actually done it! Well, yes I would if it went on and on...but it seemed to only be about a week...with the day of my last post being the worst and now it seems to have stopped. Maybe he was only visiting? I mean what makes a dog just suddenly stop howling?
Other weird things going on in my neighborhood...I guess there have been a few people robbed. One lady said she left her garage door open for 5 minutes, she came back out and her laptop, camera and cell phone were gone from her car. And then someone saw some guys stealing a refrigerator out of one of the model homes. Must be some good money on the black market for a stainless steel fridge? I mean, why would you steal a fridge? Weird thing is, our neighborhood is supposed to be "posh". Picture "Wisteria Lane". Yeah, everybody thinks our neighborhood looks just like Desperate Housewives! And Lord only knows how we ended up here! I mean we are like THE rednecks of the neighborhood! I'm not joking! I'm surprised they let us in with our lifted 4WD truck, our duck boat, and all the other hunting crud Pete has out in the garage! We could open our own sporting goods store. Anyways...back to the weird happenings...So Monday I go out to the garage, put the kids in the car, pull out into the driveway...and..."Hey the gate is open!" The gate to our back yard/dog run was wide open. Both dogs gone. Now, I know what your thinking...maybe me or Pete or maybe even Jake left it open on accident. Uh uh. Nope. I know it was closed when we went to bed because I'd gone out there to check on them right before we went upstairs. Pete fed had them and everything was fine. I honestly think someone opened the gate on purpose. Anyways, so I'm kind of freaking out...Not sure exactly what to do, when all of a sudden here comes Maggie, our chocolate lab, running up the ally way with her tail between her legs. A tiny sigh of relief....But then I Nacho. I drove around and around and called him and called him and he never came. I didn't even know I liked this dog that much! So Pete put a sign up at our mail box room and someone actually called! Couldn't believe it! I guess both dogs were together running around the park at 10:30 at night and Nacho ended up following this lady home and she took him in. So there are still decent people out there I guess! Actually, it really doesn't surprise me. Despite the weird happenings, the majority of the people in this neighborhood are awesome. We all moved here, I think, for the same raise our families in a place where we feel safe, comfortable, and a place that has a real sense of community.
So, that's about all that's been going on around here. I did apply for a new job...more on that later. I can't wait to get this circle journal going. I got my supplies to start making mine today!


Melissa said...

As I was reading I seriously thought that your dogs had been stolen. Thanks goodness they are safe and sound.

camport said...

Aww. We went in a pet shop yesterday...I called Sean, just to freak him out. I said, "Would you be mad at me if I bought a dog?" There was one dog barking in the background and he thought I really did it.

OOOH was he mad. :) These dogs were like $2000-$4000. I wouldn't pay that for a kid, let alone a dog!

Glad you got your Nacho back. Can't wait to get your CJ

Jude said...

So glad the loud mutts are quiet. Love that you are the rednecks on WIsteria!! LOL... There, that is the title for your my house page in Chrissy's journal!LOL. Stealing a fridge... that is alot of time to be robbing a place... how did no one notice that one???