Saturday, February 17, 2007

Say hello to Nacho!

Isn't he the funniest little thing you've ever seen? I never, EVER thought I'd own a little dog. I'm not a little dog person at all. My grandma has a little wiener dog and yeah, she's cute, but I would never want to own one. Anyways, so this is Nacho. He came with that name. I think it's kind of dumb, but it seems to suit him, so I think he'll keep it. Not that he is dumb, but I just can't go changing a dogs name. That's just not nice. I mean what if all of a sudden someone started calling you some other name? (well actually, sometimes that might not be so bad! LOL) But you get the point. I think it's mean to change an animals name when they already know it. Know what I mean? So Nacho isn't really supposed to be a family pet...though I don't see how he can avoid that. Do you notice Megan's little hand on his back? And Jake sitting right there next to him. Yeah, the kids already love him...The dog's staying...I don't think we could get rid of him now! But anyways Pete got him for a specific purpose. He's a Jack Russel Terrier (though, to me he looks like a Chuaua...whatever..small dog) Well anyways Pete got him for the ranch. Apparently, these kinds of dogs are great little hunters. Pete got him to help him find the injured/dead hogs up at the ranch. I guess that's all I can really say about that...but anyways we've welcomed little Nacho into our family. Even though I don't really like little dogs, he's pretty cute.

I wanted to say "Thanks" to you guys who left such loving comments yesterday to my little whine fest of a post. It really means a lot to me and it's nice to know people get it. I don't like being a whiner, and I feel like I've done a lot of it lately. So thanks for "listening" all my little friends!

Funny thing since I've gone back to work...I've started doing all of my shopping late night! I was at Target last night at about 9:30! This is the 2nd or 3rd time I've been in there that late lately. I don't have any time otherwise! We get home, get dinner made, eat, clean up, tag-team the baths, and then it's off to bed without a moment to spare. It's funny to be walking through the store and they come over the loud speaker "Attention Target shoppers, we will be closing the front doors in 10 minutes". Yeah shopping late is great! Last night though, (Friday night) you would have thought there is nothing better to do in Tracy. At 9:30 just about half the town was in Target. Kind of funny. Anyways, after my little Target spree, I jetted...or is it jet?... Anyways I sped over to Safeway to get the stuff for the pasta salad for tomorrow's wedding. Funny thing about being in the supermarket at 10 o'clock on a Friday night was that I was the one who looked out of place actually buying groceries! I was the only one who wasn't standing in the express lane without a bottle of vodka, or a 6 pack of Bud. Too funny. There was also a pack of 16 year old girls...they all travel in packs don't they? Anyways, they were all dressed in their PJ's thinkin they were so cute. Yeah, never liked teenage girls...even when I was one! LOL. That's not true really. I'm just being kind of a snob because I'm jealous they can go to the store in their jammies and I'm too self conscious to ever do that! LOL! Oh and by the way, the kids were both tucked in tight in their beds at home with Pete while I was doing all this jetting around town in the middle of the night. Just so you all don't call CPS on me or anything, I didn't leave them alone! Just thought I'd clarify.

Today was a beautiful day! It's been a real cold winter here, not much rain but really cold. Anyways today it was like 80 degrees! So nice! We played outside today with the neighbors for about 2 hours before going to my nieces' birthday party. It was awesome. Our neighbors are Portuguese, from Brazil and they are the nicest people! They're all about food and beer! LOL They are always saying here have some food! do you want a beer?! We don't drink anymore, and I don't really like beer anyways, but you know somebody likes you if they want to share their beer with you! LOL. The way our neighborhood is set up, all of our garages are in the back of the house and we have an ally way to access them. So the kids play back there all the time, it's kind of like living in a couldesac. The great thing is is that most of the kids on our street are just about the same age and 99% boys! Our Brazilian neighbors have twin boys, Lucas and Ciao (sounds like Kyle) and they are just a few months younger than Jake. Then there are 2 more 3 year old boys on either end of the street. Anyways, we all can't wait for summer so we can let the kids go wild in the ally! Here's some pics from today:

Both Jake and Megan were wiped out after todays activities and they were both in bed by 7 o'clock tonght! LOVE IT! I'm sure miss Meg will be up before the crack of dawn though. Oh well.


Jude said...

I am so jealous... 80 degrees! We might get snow here this week, and it was so cold last night, I swear our heat never turned off! Hope all the pasta making goes well and you have a fun time at the wedding! :)

camport said...

HA! A jack Russell! When I worked at the vets office, I said the only type of dog I would NEVER own is a Jack!! They are insane!!!!! Worse than chihuahua's when it comes to being hyper. And I laugh as I type, b/c you got one!!

He will be perfect for the ranch, though. All the wide open space will be perfect for a high strung little pup. Maybe you got a less hyper one? Good luck with that. ha ha ha.

Felix is obsessed with dogs. He can't help but coo every time he sees one. Even if it's on tv or in a book, he get's all kinds of giddy.

We got a dog for Simon's 3rd b-day. A big ole, full blooded Coon hound. Her name was Katie Sue. Who names a dog Katie Sue?? We changed it! We changed her name to Copper. It didn't matter, she was only a member of our family for 2 days. She bit Simon, was obviously abused, crapped man sized dookie all over my pretty carpet. She had to go.

Nacho is a cute name. Strange, but cute. At least it's not, Buddy or Spot, or some other typical dog name.

The pics of the shirtless boys is cute. Like they're a big bad motorcycle gang or something. Cute stuff. I'll stop here...good luck with the Nacho.

Better you than me!! Chrissy