Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Been a little MIA lately

I have a feeling this is going to be kind of a weird post. I'm trying to do this and work at the same time...may not work out very well! Anyways, I haven't posted in a few days. I've been kind of on a roller coaster of emotions for what seems like forever. This last week some things kind of went down at our church, and I guess I shouldn't really say too much, because I don't want to say anything I shouldn't. I know this is kind of a vague statement, but let me just put it all this way...I now totally understand why so many people have been turned away from church in general and organized religion. There has been some crazy stuff going on that directly affects my family...lots of stuff I totally don't get. But Pete and I have decided that God is allowing it to happen and we're putting it all in His hands. Very stressful non the less!
So anyways, I think that's why I've kind of taken a break from blogging because I was afraid I'd just let it all out and maybe scare all of you away! LOL
I think I've decided not to do the tag thing. I'm so late anyways and now it seems as if maybe it would be a little redundant. It's like if you were the last one to get the LA Gear Flame tennies in the 7th grade, they just weren't cool get what I'm saying? Do you remember those shoes? I wanted those sooo bad. Mine were lavender and sea foam green. They were so awesome.
Jake has been saying some of the funniest things lately. He seriously cracks me up every day. I was reminded by reading Chrissy's blog that I really need to get this stuff down somewhere so I can remember it all. So last night we're driving home from Grama's house and Jake says "Momma, you have to get me a horse, ok?" "A horse?" I say. "where are we going to keep a horse?" (we have a teeny tiny yard...I can look directly into my neighbors windows, and they into mine...our houses are all pretty much stacked on one another!) Anyways so Jake says, "on the grass." (like duh, mom) "well, and you have to buy a barn week, ok?" (everything lately is next week, or next month) I say, "we don't have room for a horse and a barn, silly!" He sighs and says, "oooh Momma, But I so toe-ta-ee love horses!" Did he just say he So totally loves horses???!!! What?? Ok either he is listening to me WAYYY too much and I am WAYYY more of a valley girl than I ever knew, or he's listening to his 3 girl cousins way too much. I don't know, but to me that was just hilarious, but I hope he doesn't continue to talk like a girl! hmm.
Another story...This morning I go in his room to wake him up. He sits strait up out of bed and says, "oh, Momma! I had a dream! There was a big fishy-a flying fish-and it jumped out of the tank and I sneaked up on it-and then you called the man!" I was just kind of laughing to myself, not sure exactly what to say. (what man???) Then I noticed he was shaking a little and I said, "what are you shaking for, are you cold?" He says, "no Momma, but I don't want to have that dream again!" Apparently this big flying fish scared the crap out of him! It's such a silly thing, where does this stuff come from?
Megan is cutting her first little tooth. She so cute, you can tell it kind of bothers her. She keeps sticking her tongue out. She's got a tongue like a little lizard! No, really! I swear when she sticks it out it touches the bottom of her chin! It's the funniest thing! She also does this like, biting thing or something. I guess I can't really describe it, but it sure is funny to watch her do it. It looks like maybe she's saying "cha, cha, cha" but no sound is coming out. I don't know, but it's funny.
Well, anyways I guess this is about all I got for now. I could go on and on about all kinds of things. But I keep getting interrupted by my emails and stuff. See I said at the beginning this might be difficult...I started typing this at 8:30 this morning and it's now noon.
I've got some other story's to tell so maybe later, if I have time, I'll post again.
Oooh side note before I forget...I did do some scrapping this weekend. Will post pics later...I'm really happy with how they turned out!


camport said...

OOH, can't wait to see the layouts! I've been trying to upload a slide show all flippin' night...the wifi here sucks.

Totally understand about church. It's easy to blame God, but sometimes it's just life or just people. People suck. A lot of churches suck. I hate it when church and religion drag God through the mud. I've had more preachers that have cheated on their wives...Sunday school teachers harping on clothes more than the Gospel...I have lots of issues with church.

Jake is funny, Simon could definitely jive with him. Hope you have a happy tomorrow and a good weekend.


Jude said...

OKay, so I have you on my bloglines, which means I should get a little notice when you update... well I am not getting the notice, so sorry I missed that last couple of posts. I resubscribed it, so maybe that will fix it...
I am so sorry about the "stuff" at church. I understand completely, and hope you guys can either get it settled, or maybe find a place where these things won't happen... Saying a little prayer for you all on this one!
Onto the Jake comments... I love how kids ask for these HUGE things, like we are rich or something! I am going, okay Lincoln, if we could afford a boat, do you think Mommy would be coloring in her black boots with a stamp pad???
Have a great weekend!!

Jami said...

Does your mom have horses? Is this where Jake gets his love for them? I am jealous of the hair on your baby girl. Still so little on little Mia, that no bow will hold. I am afraid she will have a comb over before she gets a bow! and your MIA spells my grand baby! Where did you get the creative genes from? Was this a side of Katy that I never knew? You are too young to know Art Linkletter, but he wrote a book and had a TV show called "Kids Say the Darnest Things" a parent, we all know how true that is!