Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yes, I'm bragging a little.

I can't help it.
This girl is reading like I can't even believe. We checked this book out from the library the other day and I figured it would be one that I read to her or that we read together. She's mostly been reading those "I Can Read" books at level one.  Then she just picked it up and started reading this herself.
The video is kinda lame since it's with my phone. I should have turned it sideways.

I promise she's never read this before.


Jude said...

wow! she nailed the word "bought"!! that is impressive! way to go corey and Meg!

CAmport said...

I love her expression while reading!!! It's something my boys do NOT seem to get. Yay, Megan! And yay mama for teaching her to read. :)

nicole said...

way to go megan!! and way to go to you too corey - you are doing a great job with her!