Friday, January 20, 2012

This one.

This is one of those pictures that, I think, are going to be a real treasure when she gets older.

This is the one she'll look at and say Oh yeah, remember that heart blanket I used to have? There's my horse blanket! That was my favorite. And oooh Miss Kitty! Remember how she used to sleep in my room almost every night? What was all that stuff taped to the wall? Mom, you really let me have all that crap on the wall? Look at my hair! Look at all the clothes spilling out of the drawer under the bed!
This is her life, her room, right now at 5.
I don't have any pictures of my room when I was 5 or 8 or 15. Of course I remember it in my head, but...this is so much better.
Just a reminder to myself to step back and take a wider look at what's around us. Life is in the details.
I love pictures.


nicole said...

this is so awesome corey!! going to take a photo of my kids in their rooms tomorrow :) tfs!

Jude said...

well done. i love it. not just the photo, but what you wrote. love love love!
(PS, where did you find her bed?!?!)

Anonymous said...

You know, I never thought to take a picture of your room or you in your room. . . . That's probably a good thing since if anyone ever saw you in your room in print I would most likely still be in jail! Your room was a crazy mess all the time, but I confess I never MADE you clean it. I asked that you clean it, but that resulted in stuffing everything under the bed or in the closet. Finding canned food and dirty dishes under your bed was kinda weird. You had this path from the door to the bed. When I couldn't take it any more I'd head up the stairs with a big black trash bag all the while you were crying "no, mommy, no!" Truth be told, I believe a kids room is their domain and they shouldn't have to have their parent's idea of what constitutes a "clean" room. Kids need to be kids for as long as possible because you have to be a grown up for far too long. :) Mom

Corey said...

Mother. I am going to ban you from posting on my blog. Dirty dishes YES that's true. Canned food??? No that never happened. I haveno idea what you're talking about.

nicole said... i read what your mom wrote - i have to say i'm laughing out loud because this sounds like the type of exchange i would have with my mom as well...and that last line is something my mom says all the time too!!

CAmport said...

LOL @ you and your mom. Came back to link your post and had to laugh. :D:D SO funny! Canned food!!