Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 on Tuesday.

Oh yes. It's back. 2012 style.

1. I was kinda getting down on myself for so far only using iPhone/instagram pics in my project life album. But you know what? I actually kinda like 'em. And It in-and-of-itself is part of life right now. You know what I mean? I know it's kinda lame...but my phone is attached to my hip. I don't go anywhere without it.

2. However, all that being said, I'm resolving to get out my really nice, beautiful, easy to use, fun BIG MAMMA JAMMA camera out and USE IT.
3. Last year with my project life album I pretty much didn't do anything fancy. I followed the day to day/week to week pattern and never really added anything special. Not too much anyway. This time around I thought it might be fun to get a little more creative with it and bring back some of my love for scrapbooking. Funny thing? It's like I'm having to re-teach myself to A) remember what I have in my stash and B) how to use it.
4. We have been on the road a lot already this month. Somehow we have/had ourselves committed to someone or something every single weekend this month. Something out of town every. single. weekend. It's so not like us and while it is kinda fun, it is very wearing. I just wanna stay home!
5. On Sunday we had our belated Christmas gathering with my Step-mother and family. I was SO STRESSED about this. We don't talk a whole lot other than email. I hadn't been to my dad's house since the memorial service in May. I wasn't sure how she was going to act. I wasn't sure how I was going to act. I was unsure of how it would feel to be there without my dad. I literally lost sleep over it and ended up with a ginormous worry zit on my chin because of it. (well that and probably hormones!) But it actually turned out to be just fine. More than fine.
6. There was a bit of drama this weekend though, and it came from a very unexpected place. I'm not going to go into details here. Lets just say I'm a fan of disciplining children. Not necessarily corporal punishment but I think one of the most important things any parent can do is: follow through. If you say your going to do something: DO IT. If you say your going to take away their TV privilege, then do it. If you say you'll take them out to pizza for getting an A, then DO IT. Be realistic about your threats and rewards and follow through with them. Children not only learn respect, but also trust.
7. I'm NOT a perfect parent. I don't know any perfect parents.
8. We made butter the other day. It was easy and fun and Megan and I liked it. Jake didn't. Of course.
9. Did you ever want a rock tumbler when you were a kid? You know those things that take a dirty old normal rock and make it into a pretty, shinny one? I totally did too! Well Jake got one from my stepsisters for Christmas. Did you know it takes almost an entire month to do ONE rock?! I didn't either! There's apparently all these different steps and processes to go through and thing has to be on 24/7 for 20 something days? We actually had to print out a little calendar for him with reminders on when to do what. Crazy. I had no idea.
10. We're expecting rain tomorrow. It hasn't rained here in over a month. I'm not one to complain about no rain, but it sure has felt weird. Makes me wonder if we'll be swimming in rain till July?


CAmport said...

1. At least the iphone takes good pix!!

2. Yes! You should! And post them here. :D

3. Ditto ditto ditto. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who hasn't scrapped in forever. Really wish I had the drive.

4. How fun! Lots of memories & pictures at least. :D

5. So glad that turned out okay.

6. I agree.
7. I agree again.
8. It's not really worth the effort, is it? I mean, it's cool, but once was enough for me.
9. I had no idea! Glad you said something. I'm not making a committment to a rock.
10. That's nuts. I thought it always rained there!

Jude said...

i love my iphone pics, my life would not be the same without it!
(and you know the newer iphone will make it even better bwahahahaha...)
i love making butter, its so little house on the prairie.
i had no idea that a rock tumbler took that long. i will await your reviews before i plunge into this.
i am offended by number 7.
that was a joke, i know i am not a perfect parent ;)