Friday, January 27, 2012

5 for Friday.

1. About an hour after I got up this morning, I looked out and saw this. SOOC. Magical.
2. Sometimes I have really good ideas. I was hungry and decided sourdough toast spread with garlic and herb cheese, topped with tomatoes and avocado. It was so good I had to have 2.
3. I don't understand the internets obsession with S'mores or Nutella. Don't get me wrong. I like both. But why does everything need to be turned into a S'more? Or Nutella added to everything? I saw a S'moretini the other day.
4. I was so happy I didn't have to get up at the b/c of dawn (that would be butt crack o' dawn) and take anyone anywhere. I always get up early, but that's me time. Jake takes an outdoor ed class and for the last 3-4 months it's been on Fridays. We switched back to Monday's this week and it has been SO much better. I'd much rather get up and go on Monday than on Friday.
5. Also, I'm happy our out of town plans got cancelled for this weekend. We've been gone every weekend this month. I'm so glad to be staying home. Though I do hope we reschedule our original plans soon!

Happy Friday!


CAmport said...

1. That picture is SO amazing. I hope I get to see it hanging on your wall someday. :D
2. YUM
3. I thought about creating a "no wonder everbody's fat" board on pinterest due to such recipes.
4. My me time is at 2am. I wish I could wake up early!
5. YAY!

nicole said...

1. i love that photo!
2. again, the dreams :)
3. i totally don't get that either. neither of them sound that great to me.
4. we had a late start for school on friday too and it was so nice - just to have a slow wake up and not have to rush out the door right away.
5. hope you had a great weekend at home!!

Jude said...

the smoretini... yuck! :)
is that photo with your phone or your real camera? i love it either way. just seeing how much i can needle it into my "i need a 4s" argument ;)