Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today we went on a picnic with our neighbors. Finally spring is here! I LOVE this place we go to. It's got a beautiful walking/bike trail, lots of picnic benches and this spot right here. This little cove always has THE best lighting. Does it always have cooperative children? Eh...not so much! Megan is notorious for her dramatic faces she makes. And here's proof. This is just her being normal. It's funny because I'm constantly saying Meg can you at least just look at the camera? Smile? Maybe? No? For goodness sake can you just look normal?? But then I remember....This is her normal.

I'm concentrating very hard and I will not look at the camera.

Fine, I'll stand here and look cute, but I refuse to look at my mother.

Ugh. Ok fine. Here. I'm looking. And I'll move half of my face into a smile. But that's it.

Oh wait, I think I got a half-way decent one here.

I'm not looking. I'm not looking. But I will lick this snot that's running out of my nose.

Ok, I forgive her here. Who doesn't look funny drinking from a water fountain?

I just thought this little sequence of pics was so funny and so telling of her personality. I ♥ her.
And him. Cuz he always smiles.


CAmport said...

Her curls!! Her outfit!! Too stinkin' cute. I can't wait to visit that very spot with you guys someday. Sean is two steps closer to getting in to school. :D

Jude said...

she is adorable! that is how lincoln is, weird faces, all the time. I love how jake has a perfect and natural looking face in his, kind of like... "see, this is how this is done"

Brown English Muffin said...

Ok I couldn't really focus on the little girl because I was memorized by her curls, her top, her shoes and her sock? what are those....heck I just loved her entire outfit!!!!