Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 on Tuesday.

1. I'm sorta obsessed with Trader Joe's lately. I know it's like SO 2005 right? Corey was living under a rock! Or rather, a town with no TJ's for the last 10 or so years. Now that we have several conveniently located near several of our normal go-to spots, I'm finding more and more excuses to stop in. My favorites are the pizza dough-- I can make my own, but not for 1.29! and I don't have to wait for it to rise for 2 hours either. I also love the sun dried tomato pesto. OMGosh! mix it with mayo on a sandwich?? so good! Oh and I finally decided to try their #1 seller, the orange chicken--super yummy! (if you have any favorites of your own, please tell me. I'm still sort of a TJ's newbee and I get a little overwhelmed in there!)
2. The sun is shinning! It's not raining! And tomorrow it's supposed to be like 70 something. Spring. Finally. I'm ecstatic!
3. This week we've been doing the state standards test for Jake. We have to go to a big church and meet a bunch of other people from our charter school to take it. It's kind of neat to finally see a bunch of "homeschoolers" all in one spot. I should probably do an entire post about this because I really could go on and on about my observations and thoughts. I'll just leave you with this for thought.... An 8 year old girl allowed to walk around all day with no shoes on. Not even socks (and it's still kinda cold in the mornings) because "she doesn't want to". And another student taking Trapeze lessons (yes as in the trapeze at the circus). I'm not saying anything. I'll let you guys just think those two things over. Feel free to talk this over in the comments. :)
4. My dad is still in the hospital fighting pneumonia. When I spoke with him yesterday he had had another chest x-ray and it appears he is no worse, but no better. It kind of deflates me to hear that, but I have to look at the positive and think no worse. no worse is ok.
5. it seems as if our move to the city/country as inspired a real pioneering spirit in us all. First chickens and now a vegetable garden. The kids are outside as I type pulling weeds for our soon to be food plot. Next up--I'm thinking of learning how to make my own cheese, try out bee keeping and then maybe try my hand at natural soaps, deodorants and oil cleansing. Just kidding. Well, not really actually. I wouldn't mind trying any of those things. Except I'm sorta scared of bees.

6. Jake finally lost his front tooth yesterday. I swear it's been loose since before Christmas. Maybe before Halloween. Forever. I can't believe how much he is like me when it comes to this stuff. I would never ever do anything to pull my teeth out. I'd wait till they just fell out. And that's exactly what he does. We were driving to his test yesterday literally a block away he says "uh....mommy?" I look back and there is his little tooth sitting on his tongue and blood kinda seeping out of it's hole. I just had to laugh. You can't even take the tooth out of your mouth??

What a goober!
7. What's your favorite Easter candy? I actually don't really like candy that much. But every year I can't wait for Reese's peanut butter eggs. Not like the little foil wrapped ones...the big ones in the yellow wrapper that are like a real PB cup , only they seem extra PB filled. Oh I just love those things. Two years ago I may or may not have hid and eaten an entire 12 pack of those suckers all by myself. I don't do those things anymore. One....or maybe two...will do :D
8.I finished reading A Reliable Wife on Sunday. I basically spent all afternoon reading. It was SO good. Deliciously bad. Does that even make sense? Read it if you haven't already.

9. Because I can't think of...

10. 10 whole things to write about today.

The end.


CAmport said...

Oh SNAP! Blogger just ate my comment! It was probably too long. :)

Trader Joes French Roast Coffee.
Our food source is entirely tainted and you are doing the right thing, Farmer Corey. I wish I could pioneer with you.

Homeschooling is rad, bare feet, trapeze artists and all.

I'm out. The first comment was so much better. :)

Anonymous said...

I told you that book was good! Glad you liked it - I sure did!! Mike and I are into food preservation/storage right now. Think of all the things I can dehydrate from my garden and put in my 5 gallon buckets!! My new book on dehydration and preservation s/b here today! :o)
xoxo, Mom

Jude said...

oh yes, I ♥ ♥ ♥ TJs! My absolute favorite thing is the lemon curd. it is amazing. we also love the white cheddar pirates booty, the hummus, oh, and the croissants... they sit out overnight and rise into these ginormous beings! Of course, i love the reisling, and at $4 a bottle... i buy 4-5 whenever i go! :)

I have to get cracking on my garden prep... already behind :(
Hope yours goes well, and can't wait to hear about the bee keeping ;)

Dave Douglass said...


Don't know if you know this but I work part-time at a Trader Joe's (demoing food). Some of my favs are the microwaveable frozen rice (brown AND white), frozen BBQ teriyaki chicken (just like in a Japanese restaurant), mango sorbet, frozen sweet potato fries, triple ginger snaps, graham crackers, Ultimate vanilla wafers, frozen french toast, canned smoked herring, frozen cioppinno, sunflower seed butter, wasabi mayonnaise, frozen mushroom risotto...... somebody stop me!

Brown English Muffin said...

ahhh here's the trader joe post!!!

Here's my list of things I love there:

Their real pure cranberry concentrate (every where else it's like $3 more), their Indian box packet food is so authentic it's to die for (full of sodium so only a once in a while treat, they also have these Trader Joe's Chicken Drumettes which I let the little one have every once in a while, I don't think I've ever tasted a chicken nugget that actually tasted like it actually had chicken in it!!!

Oh I also love their trader joe's Triple Ginger Snaps Cookies the ones in that round clear plastic, container, matter of fact don't buy them, you'll kill me their addictive!!!

They also have an awesome frozen burrito probably weighs about 10lbs!! But sooooo good!!!

Ok I could go on for hours but I have to read the rest of your post, I'm sure it wasn't solely about TJ!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Can you imagine that little girl growing up and think that in life she can do whatever she wants to do, because she want to do it...all because of how her mother lets her act...oh boy, oh boy!!!

You are reading my mind again aren't you....I so want to try my own soap and cheese, we already do the garden thing and had some nice cucumbers and zucchini last year!!!

Do you watch the Fabulous Beekman Boys? I am obsessed with that show and every time I've finished watching it, I swear I want to make cheese, or soap or something!!!

LMAO of at the Easter candy...my favorite are cadbury's mini eggs, just the other day I told a white lie to my daughter that they were all gone because there were only a few left and i wanted them to myself...GASP!! LOL