Saturday, March 12, 2011

Black and White. And Orange.

I posted these on facebook the other day, but I started playing around in photoshop and I think I love these black and whites even more. Just thought I'd post them here.

This one below I just happened to crop vertical so it would fit in one of the little slots in my project life album. The closer crop makes it even better, I think. I love it and sort of want it on a big old canvas.

This one is from today and I thought it was just too cute! I set these Cuties in the window in the living room because there was such pretty light. I was just practicing, trying to get my aperture and focus right. As soon as I put my camera up to my face, this little guest popped into my view finder. Even kitties like Cuties, I guess.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend. :)
P.S. My dad is home from the hospital! I'm so happy. He's pretty worn out, but so happy to be home. ♥


CAmport said...

#1: Glad your dad is home!
#2: The kitty with the cuties is freakin' adorable.
#3: YES YES YES!! That picture cropped vertically is just PERFECT and totally deserves to be on a canvas. Oh my goodness, I love it.

Brown English Muffin said...

I saw them on facebook and I absolutely loved them them even more in black and white, I agree with you.

Jude said...

I LOVE them in black and white! the kitty one... so so cute! :)

Kimberly White said...

Beautiful pictures Corey! I'm so impressed! And I'm so glad about your Dad!

nicole said...

love the kitty nose :)

and the photo of you and the kids is need to frame that one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Corey, My favorites from TJ's are:
Spinach salad kit, Caeser Salad Mix, White Hummus dip with Plain pita chips with sea salt, Kitty likes the canned cat food and kitty tuna as a treat. Triple Ginger snaps, cinnamon graham crackers, and Stevia. Have fun. Patty