Tuesday, March 08, 2011

10 on tuesday...

10 things i love about living here. or maybe just 7. but still...i like living here even if I can't think of 10 things.

1. discovering new things. I keep finding all kinds of interesting things around here. as i've mentioned before, when we moved in this place was so overgrown and there was just weeds and leaves and more weeds and leaves everywhere. my mom and i spent and entire weekend clearing out flower beds that hadn't been touched in years. besides what was already overtaking the beds, i never really thought there was anything else in them. then spring came. (well sorta) and there are bulbs popping up everywhere! and flowers I never knew were there are all of a sudden popping up on the side of a hill. It's like something new every day. It makes me feel more connected, knowing that this place has a past. a past full of love and life.

2. the house is quirky. it's hall is long and narrow. it's bathrooms are old and funky, the kitchen is teeny tiny, there's little secret cupboards above all the closets and a ironing board built into the wall in the kitchen. it's funky, but i kind of love it. sure, there are plenty of things i would change. I'd knock down a few walls just to start with. but it's pretty cool the way it is too.
3. the view. we've lived here....8? 9? months now? and i still haven't gotten over it. i SO wish i could show you just how awesome it is. you'll just have to believe me. or buy me a zoom lens :D
4. homeschooling. i'm pretty sure the only reason why we're homeschooling now is because we moved specifically to this house. if we would have moved just about anywhere else, Jake would still be in public school and I'd probably still be complaining about the teacher, the homework, the other kids, the lack of learning or all of the above ;) not to say there aren't good schools out there. our school in Tracy, was actually really great, but all i'm saying is that i don't think i would have done this if we didn't move here and i'm really enjoying it, and the kids are too.
5. we seem to have a happier life, in general. we're all together WAY more than we ever were before. so much time was spent driving and commuting and waiting. now? Pete's commute is like 20-30 minutes--tops. he's home by 3 in the afternoon most days! he has friday's off which is not good for our pocket book but SO WORTH IT in terms of togetherness. we both talked about how yes, it would be nice to have that extra days pay, but how we're so happy to have the extra time together...it would be weird to go back to a 5 day work week.

6. so many things to do and places to go. hiking trails, lakes, museums, the beach, parks, friends, the city...it's all so close now. I love it.

this is lafayette reservoir. i have no idea what that tower is for, but the kids call it 'Rupunzel's tower' :)

7. chickens. raising chickens is fun.


CAmport said...

As much as Sean doesn't want to go to Travis, I WANT to go to Travis. I think he fears the cost of CA more than anything. That and the hospital there is old. BUT, I would so love to live close enough to know exactly what you mean by "long hallway." You know what I mean? Like to have been to your house enough times to be all, "Your hallway IS long!"

So much up in the air right now, but hopefully we'll know by the end of the year.


nicole said...

what a great list corey. i'm sure all of them are very important individually- but i do think it all comes down to the collective - we are happier :) that is awesome!!

Jude said...

love it! i think it says alot about your character that you were moved to a new place, and rather than complain about it, you have found new things to love... :)
i made the mistake of ripping out what I thought was weeds when we bought our house... um, they were flowers!

Brown English Muffin said...

Hey just a thought but could you grab a video camera and do a little video of the views??? LOL Might be fun to watch!!

Brown English Muffin said...

So you know i HAD to google that damn tower!!! LOL