Monday, January 03, 2011

What I see...

I see the cutest little girl with messy hair. She rocks the messy hair look.
A girl full of sincerity. I can't think of any other way to describe her except sincere. She just has this way about everything she does, everything she says, the way she hugs you, the way she always, always remembers to say Thank You for everything. She's just so sincere about it. She'll say, "thank you for taking us to Safeway, mommy" as it if it was the absolute highlight of her day. When she opened presents at Christmas, every single time she'd squeal with delight, hug it to her chest and say "oh it's just what I wanted!". Sometimes my heart hurts because I just love her so much.
I see a little girl in the cutest little pink cowgirl boots. Oh she loves these so much. Pete's mom got these for her for Christmas and they are just so perfect. She'd wear them every day and everywhere if I let her. I kinda want to keep them nice though so I won't let her wear them out in the mud.
I see a little girl who colors in the lines, but never ever follows any of the 'rules' when it comes to her art. She colors things how she wants to and not how things are supposed to look. Look at Shaggy--he looks like he just ate some poison or something! HA! She's so good at seeing shapes and patterns in things. You know how kids will look at the clouds and say "oh that one looks like a horse!" ? Well she does that but with other things, like lines in the wood on a table, or the way things are stacked, or in rocks on the ground. It dazzles me, how her mind works.
I see a girl who is learning to read. She knows her letters by the sound they make, not the name of the letter. She'll bring things to me and ask me what they say. She'll reply with "oh yeah, I see the sssss" or "there is the BUH". It's funny to me because Jake never did that. And I see now after homeschooling him for 6 months, how many gaps there are in his early eduction especially in phonics. It's like after kindergarten phonics were just forgotten. I'm glad I know a little bit more about it the 2nd time around and hopefully Megan can have a better foundation.
I see a little girl who loves to play dress up. Who doesn't mind touching bugs and lizards and getting dirty. A girl who when asked if she wanted to learn to ride the motorcycle curled up her lip and said, "uh motorcycles are for BOYS". I see a girl who talks to herself, plays with herself, and sings to herself happily all day long. But one who also makes a friend where ever she goes, shares her toys and cares for her friends.
I see a girl who insists on holding my hand when we walk together. Who wants to sit in my lap every morning. A girl who thrives on routine and lives by rules. I see a girl asks for waffles every single day for breakfast. But one who doesn't throw a fit when I give her cereal instead.
I see a little girl who is growing up right before my eyes. A girl who will turn FIVE (!) this year. I see a little girl who I love with all my heart.
♥ Oh I am so lucky to be her mommy! ♥


CAmport said...

awww, I still see a baby. I can't believe she'll be five! They grow up way too fast. :/

Anonymous said...

Had she been your first born she would probably be an only child.

Jude said...

Alden came in and was quite interested in her boots and coloring book :)

nicole said...

such a great post corey.

love everything that it captures about her right now!!