Friday, January 07, 2011

2011 to-do list...

1. go bowling.
2. take a road trip out of state. nevada does not count.
3. bake bread. bread that requires yeast and rising time.
4. send christmas cards.
5. participate in a race/event. thinking of this: anyone want to join me? september 9-11.
6. buy a pair of great heels and actually wear them.
7. smile more in pictures. (i'm not a sad person, really)
8. wipe mirrors clean more often, particularly before taking self portraits in them.


CAmport said...

Smiling for pictures is over rated. I always like my angry/sad look over smiley.

Regardless of the state of the mirror{my kids lick mirrors, I swear}you are GORGEOUS. Seriously, I hope Pete tells you how pretty you are. Often!


nicole said...

heels..what are those? i love that you add and actually wear them :)

gorgeous photo corey!!

Jude said...
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Jude said...

want to know something funny? As tall as I am, I LOVE to wear heels, and do so often. I had to make myself buy flats this fall!
I love your list! You look gorgeous too!!