Friday, January 21, 2011

5 for Friday.

1. California has this wonderful way of teasing us into thinking spring is almost here. The last few days have been wonderfully warm and glowy.
2. Public Service Announcement: Leggings are not pants. Though they are very comfortable and paired with the right booty covering top, dress or skirt they are very cute. But they are not pants and should not be warn as though they are. Also, proper undergarments are a must. There are appropriately manufactured garments that will not show lines or...uh....other stuff. Find it, buy it, wear it!
3. I don't know why I have become the fashion police as of late. I really have no room to talk!
4. Pete should be home tomorrow! YIPEE!
5. I'm addicted to red, seedless grapes. I can not wait till warmer weather stays around and local fruit is available. Because I just paid 7 dollars for 3 lbs of grapes. What the heck?!


nicole said...

i can't wait for summer for many reasons - but one is for the fruit - i am SO sick of apple and oranges!!

isn't it crazy what people will wear...i saw a lady at the grocery store with pajamas on the other day...i know i don't dress up much but i guess i can look at it like at least i get dressed in different clothes :)

Jude said...

hahaha... leggings are for you, like skinny jeans are for me with guys! Just stop wearing them!!! :0
I got excited because blueberries were on sale, until I went and saw that on sale, still meant $3.99 for a tiny little box. BOO!

CAmport said...

1. SAME HERE! It's making me nuts. Windows open during the day, heat on at night.
2. Amen to that. I don't even like seeing them on little girls unless they have a skirt over them.
5. Me too!! My kids gobble them up too quickly for me to pay a lot for 'em. I can usually get them on base for 1.79/lb. Lately, they've been almost $3, though. :/