Sunday, January 02, 2011

Moto X Cross

All of a sudden this motorcycle has become The Best Thing Ever and Oh My Gosh Mommy This is SO FUN!

He learned to ride about a year ago at Pete's siters house. Her girls (8 and 12) learned to ride years ago and this bike used to be theirs. He got it real quick. Which of course made him cocky as heck. Which of course led to a bad accident about a month later. An accident that scared the crap out of him. He didn't get hurt, but the bike sure did.
We were planning on buying the bike from the girls anyway, since they'd outgrown it, but since our kid wrecked the heck out of it, we took it, got it fixed and it became Jake's.
But then of course he wouldn't ride it. We moved to this great place for riding motorcycles and he wouldn't ride it. He was so scared. And he wouldn't ride it.
My mom and Mike even got him this awesome helmet, gloves and goggles for his birthday and he wouldn't ride the motorcycle.

All of a sudden about a week or so ago he asked Pete to ride. He did and now it's every day, all day, all the time ride, RIDE, ride!

I love it. ♥♥


Jude said...


CAmport said...

I will never, ever be able to show Simon these pictures.

There's a kid on our street with a dirt bike and he FLIES. Simon is so very impressed/jealous.

Love these pix. What a cool kid!

nicole said...

how fun!!