Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday ramblings.

*Two of my really good friends are at Disneyland right now and I really, really wish I could be there. I was supposed to go for a day last week but ended up getting really sick. I'm better now, but still can't go :(
*We are planning a family trip to Disneyland though!! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Just need to work out the details with Pete.
*Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of being a stay at home mom!
*We're going with the Kindergarten class on a field trip to the hospital tomorrow.
*I've written about my neighbors Towering Terror of Dirty Dishes before. It's pretty insane. Even Pete has noticed. Again..I certainly don't mean to judge her. She could easily come in my house and ask why there are 3 loads of clean laundry in my laundry room not folded. She could ask why there is still Cheerios under my table from breakfast. She could ask why the pile of junk next to the phone never seems to get any smaller. My point is, I'm not trying to say I'm better than her in any way. It's just that I SEE the HUGE PILE of nastiness dishes every time I walk up or down my stairs. There is a huge window there and I see it. I'm not trying to see it...I just do. If her dishwasher is anything like mine, it's the smallest dishwasher known to man. So I get that. I have to run mine at least once a day. Mine is full to the brim running right now and I still have a sink full of dishes. However, my dishes are rinsed. There is no evidence of the food that once lay upon them. The thing that really gets me though....she has 3 kids. 7,9 and 13. Why aren't they helping mom out?? Why don't they have chores? Jake is only 5 and he already has chores. Oh well. At least I don't have to clean her dishes.
*Not to get all political...but what the heck is going on? I read the news just about every day and every day it just sounds worse and worse. California especially. The state has no money. In fact they will be sending out IOU's for tax refunds. There is no more money in the unemployment fund. They are getting 2 billion dollars in bailout money from the feds and that will only last until the end of February. (!!!) Oh and get this...the schools are struggling every day to keep supplies and teachers and all the important stuff for our kids...they're laying people off left and right and then I read that the Superintendent of one of the larger districts in Northern California just got 4% raise in wages. He already made over 200 thousand dollars a year. They're talking about cutting out music and P.E. and this idiot is laughing all the way to the bank. What is up with that??
*enough of that. I really don't know what I'm talking about anyway.
*Megan is fully potty trained now and uses the potty as an excuse to get out of anything she doesn't want to do. She's pretty smart. I say "Ok, time to clean up!" and she says "I need go pee pee." I say "Megan, finish your food" and she says "I need go poo poo!" And I say " Meeegaaan this is not a game you need to eat your food and then you can go potty " then she starts screaming NEED GO POO POO! so of course then I just let her go because sheesh it's only been like 3 weeks and well, maybe she really does have to go and then what if I don't let her go and then she craps her pants and THEN well..what fine mess that will be.
*She's horrible at cleaning up. horrible. If she doesn't tell me she has to go potty, she walks around in circles with one thing in her hand to make it look like she's cleaning. Tonight she even tried barking orders at Jake to clean up her toys.
*I keep finding ants on my kitchen counter. Not a lot, just like 3 or 4 at a time. I can't figure out where they are coming from. It's like they just fall from the sky. I spray and spray and they just keep coming back. It grosses me out. I do not like ants.
*I can't think of anything else.
*This is enough random for one Wednesday isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Those 3 or 4 ants you are seeing are "scouts". They'll be back with the full regiment - be warned! Start spraying now!

Melissa said...

UGH. Ants suck BIG time. They are looking for food and water, so watch out!

LOL about the clean up time... :)

And yes, I am still dumbfounded about the economy. People getting raises and making gazillions makes
me sick.

Would it be wrong to put a bottle of dishsoap on your neighbors porch?

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE your list!!!

The neighbor with the tower of dishes is cracking me up!

Jami said...

Well, I don't know everything, but the other thing about the ants.....before you continue spraying, do some googling.....if they are "sugar" ants, sometimes called "piss" ants, and there is a fancy scientific name for them, you don't want to spray them....they will just split the colony out of self-defense. There is some stuff you can make or buy to put out for them and it can take 6 months to get rid of, google, find a picture of what you have and go from there........just a thought!

camport said...

It's probably best that Pete's delaying the trip. They had a lot of things boarded up for repair and It's a Small World was closed!

I'm trying to talk Sean into DW before life changes around here! Not that I can ride anything, but the boys will never be 6 & 3 again, y'know? Plus with the military and baby...

I can't believe it's been a year of SAHM-ing for you already! Time flies!

Our schools are doing some crazy cuts, too. Scary times, huh?

AND LOL, must be a second kid thing! Felix is pretty lazy about cleaning up and orders Simon around, too.


Miss jane said...