Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My days are all messed up.

I keep thinking today is Monday. But it's Tuesday. Right? Right. It was bad having holiday's in the middle of the week. Thursday felt like Saturday. Friday felt like Sunday. Saturday felt like it should really be Monday. And by Sunday, I had no idea what we were doing anymore. Everything was all screwed up. I was SO looking forward to yesterday. Yesterday was the day I was going rewind and start over. I had plans of taking Jake to school, coming home and going on a walk (which I haven't done in forever), running a few errands and getting life back on track. Back on schedule. Even before the holidays I had been slacking on a bunch of stuff and yesterday was the day I picked to get it all back in order.
Sunday night I printed out some cute little note cards so I could make my lists, and started planning out my week. This was going to be good, I thought. A fresh start with the new year.
Then....the school called. They cancelled school. I knew right then this wasn't going to be good. It felt like a tiny hole had been pricked in my bubble and I could feel the air slowly seeping out of it.
They cancelled school due to a gas main break, which was a good thing to cancel school for.
Anyway, sure....sure I could have still done all my list stuff even if Jake didn't have school. The school factor shouldn't stop me, right? Well right. Except...except it was raining yesterday. And *poof* just like that my bubble had completely burst.
I did accomplish a few things on my list. Like, I did end up cleaning Megan's closet out. And I did get the laundry folded. And I did get myself to the store for more milk. So, I guess it didn't turn out all that bad. Except for that walk. That's what I was really looking forward to. It's one of those things that I know once I just do it, I'll like it and I'll keep doing it. At least for a while! It was the rain that stopped me. I know, poor excuse. It's not like it was hurricane or anything!
Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will walk! (said like Bravehart with my sword held high)
Today finally, everything is sort of back on schedule. Tuesdays I help out in Jake's class, which I really enjoy. But it kind of messes everything up for the rest of the day. I go in at 8 and stay until 10. But school gets out at 11:30. So it doesn't really give me much time to do anything before I have to run back out to pick him up. Tuesday's always end up being a wash for me.
Hello...could this post BE any more boring?
Anyway, here's to getting back on track for tomorrow. :)


Cheryl Wray said...

LOL It's not boring...just real life. :-)

My days are screwed up too. The girls went back to school yesterday, on a Tuesday, so I'm a day ahead of what I think it should be.

Melissa said...

All of my days were messed up until Tanner went back to school. I was so happy to get that routine back.

And, don't look at the negative of your day, look at the positive! You did do something!

camport said...

I am CRAVING routine right now, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like life is going so much for routine right now. Just trying to tread water and enjoy the chaos that is life!!

Not a boring post at all. Love the Braveheart image!


Jude said...

I cannot tell a lie Corey... I am so behind on my blog reading that I am leaving this somment and starting fresh... I know I stink! I hope you still love me! ? :)