Wednesday, January 14, 2009

well that didn't take long.

I seriously thought it would be a few more days before I could get back online. But I got all fixed up today. :) Luckily, I didn't lose anything on my hard drive---which is a total blessing, because the guy at Dell said "you probably should back up your hard drive before the technician comes out" but didn't say anything about the fact that if I didn't, I wouldn't even have an operating system. As in Windows. I don't know a whole lot about computers, so you really need to spell this stuff out for me, ya know. Jeesh. Anyway, no worries. All is good. But seriously, why would they send you out a new hard drive with nothing on it? Especially if they thought the reason your computer is not working is because of 'a failure with the hard drive'. It makes no sense to me.
Anyway the computer crashed Saturday when I was right in the middle of uploading and editing some pictures I took at the San Francisco Zoo, and the beach that afternoon. I'm so glad I didn't lose any of those pictures! Pete's sister Rachael asked me on Friday if I wanted to do something with her over the weekend and we decided to go over to the city. It was such a beautiful day over there! Seriously, we both got a good case of Spring Fever. (and it's only January!) This time of year San Francisco is often much warmer than it is in the valley were I live. I think it's probably one of the best times of the year to visit SF.

This is Caitlin. I think she's so photogenic. Snaggle teeth and all. :)

Jake with his big goober face. : Megan's not looking much better!

Another goofy face from Jake. *sigh*

And then we stopped at the beach. It's just a block from the zoo. You would have thought Jake had died and gone to heaven. He got out of the car, looked out to the sea and said with all his heart, "oh mommy! this is AMAZING! This is a dream come true!". When we got down to the water he immediately started his search for 'treasure'. And Megan....she didn't quite know what to do. She just ran around and circles for about 10 minutes before she settled in with some sand digging.

It felt good to get out and do something. I've felt so cooped up lately. I'm hoping there are more days like this to come!


nicole said...

again, just slightly jealous that you are enjoying days at the zoo and the beach :)
looks like an awesome time though - love jakes reaction to seeing the beach!!

camport said...

That is a beautiful beach. Love the pic of M in the wet sand, beautiful! Glad your computer is back up and running and that you didn't lose anything. I've been there and done that too many times!


Kelly DaCosta said...

I love your pictures. It looks like you guys had a blast. They make me want to go to the ocean.

Jude said...

so glad you got the computer back already!! Great pics of the beach! :)

Melissa said...

thank goodness Andy knows what he's doing with computers....I would be in serious trouble if he didn't.

Looks like a good day at the beach!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those pictures are all so FANTASTIC!!!!

Thank goodness your computer (and pictures) was saved!!

Kimberly White said...

Your pics are wonderful ... and I love Jake's beach remark! Have a great day my friend!