Saturday, January 03, 2009

That wasn't so bad.

It's been just over a week since I decided to start potty training Megan. And dare I say it?? But...I think she's got it. I was just about to give up. Let it go for a week or two....I mean, she peed on my chair, she pooped on my floor, and it seemed like absolute torture every time I set her on the potty. But something caused me to just keep going. It felt like she was sort of getting it, but there was just something missing. The answer was time, consistency and leaving her alone. It's funny how it ends up being a learning experience for both of you. It really seemed to click on Tuesday. I set her down. She cried and cried. I said "I'll be right back". She cried some more and then got real quiet. All of a sudden she goes "MOMMA! I GOING!" And that was it. She just needed me to leave the room. It's been 4 days now of dry and no accidents. Which also includes an entire day away from home and long car rides. Yeah. I'm pretty happy about it. *I knew I shouldn't have said anything. Right after I wrote this she peed on the floor! LOL! oh well, she's still doing pretty good!*
New years eve was pretty uneventful. It went just about like I wrote in my last post. We didn't make it to midnight, though I did get woke up by our neighbors blowing their horns at 11 and then again at 12. It was cool. But they went on and on for like 20 minutes with the horns and screaming. The next day we got up, had a big breakfast and then headed to the ranch. It was a fun day just hanging out up there and watching Pete work, and me cleaning up the cabin a bit.
Today I took down the tree and put all the Christmas stuff away. I just hate that chore! But it feels good now to have it done. Time to get on with it. I can't help but look in living room and think there's something missing now though! And it's dark in more light from the tree and the garland on the mantel.
I decided to go ahead and attempt the 365 project once again. There's just too much good stuff that comes out of it to not do it. I need to do it. So I created a new blog: With Love, 2009 for my daily pictures. Which brings me to my word for 2009. I wasn't even going to pick a word this year. I wasn't feeling it. But then I read something today (on a food blog, actually) and it just kind of clicked. The author said whatever you do in 2009, do it with love. If you do it with love, it will always be great. And isn't that so true? If you really put your heart into just turns out better, every time. So that's my word. Love. I would have NEVER picked that word on my own. It seems so cheesy and lovey dovey. But that one little sentence really stuck and it just seemed to fit. So I'm going with it.
Are you doing the 365? Did you set up a place for your pics? Link me up so I can check it out, ok?


camport said...

Is she clapping on the potty? I love her look of "WHY are you taking a picture HERE?" LOL

Also, yes, I am doing the 365 things again. I reeeeeally wanna stick to it this year. I plan to take a picture pertaining to my word. Creative blog name, huh? was taken, so...

Glad you had a good day at the ranch. We STILL haven't taken down the tree and it's making me insane. I wanted it down Christmas day!


Melissa said...

Yea for potty training! :) I hear girls are just easier with the whole thing.

I am doing the photo blog thing again...I'll send you the links in a bit, still working on them.

Anonymous said...

How come I can't post a comment on your love blog?

nicole said...

love the love word :)

also have to ask old is megan exactly?? so jealous that you have made such progress! but i know that it was so much easier with lauren than jack so i guess that's what i get for having another boy - hehe.