Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pilates and Disney

I just finished a 30 minute Pilates work out for the 3rd day in a row. For those of you who know me, you might be wondering who or what invaded my brain to make me do such a thing. I do not exercise. I do not like it. I especially hate to sweat. But you know the fact of life is...if you don't move a little, you're eventually going to turn into Jabba the Hut. And well I don't wan to be Jabba the Hut. I went to the doctor last week and discovered that I had gained back about 12 of the 27 lbs. I lost in 2007. Ok, so I didn't just discover it. I had just been ignoring it. But seeing it for real on that blinking digital screen made me say "yep, I don't much care for that number." So, I was at Target the other day and I found this Pilates video for 10 bucks and decided to go ahead and buy it. Why Pilates? I don't know. But I know it's not cardio. I was going to try yoga...but I don't think I'm really in to the whole "clear your mind and be one with the Earth" thing. Which, I'm sure is a complete stereotype. I have no idea. But I have visions of Hippies from Berkeley wearing Birkenstocks and hugging trees doing yoga. Forgive me if you actually do yoga. I'm not making fun of you at all! This is just me trying to be funny and talking about something I know absolutely nothing about!
Anyway so it's been 3 days. I'm not sure your supposed to do the same type of exercise 3 days in a row. But I'm kind of afraid that if I skip a day....then that will be it and I'll forget all about it. And.....please don't repeat this because it could totally ruin my reputation.....but..... I kind of really like it.
What does any of this have to do with Disney? Nothing really. Except that we're going to Disneyland in 38 days. Do you think my tummy will be flat in 38 days? I didn't think so either, but one can dream, right?
So here's the story about Disneyland. We've been trying to plan a trip down there for a while. Like seriously over a year. First we were going to go in December. I really wanted the kids (and Pete) to see the holiday decorations. Disney just goes over the top at Christmas and it's just so cool. We were very close to going and then decided against it for financial reasons and just being too close to Christmas. At that point we decided definitely: February. We usually always go in February anyway so we'd just stick to that plan. So last week I started finalizing our plans..looking for hotel and ticket deals and securing the dates of Feb. 11-15th. When all of a sudden I hear Pete talking to his business partners about getting this shipment of pigs for the ranch....coming all the way from Canada...should be here the 2nd week of February. Ever since I've known this man he has been notorious for double booking himself. Constantly. Anyway I don't mean to blame Pete. It's really not his fault. He's getting these pigs for a steal and there really is no set date as to when they'll be here. SO we are pushing back the trip AGAIN until March 11th to be on the safe side. But I told him I'm not delaying this anymore. We're going in March and that is that! And he agreed. But he also said "Put a note on the fridge with the dates so I don't forget". I don't know why he constantly needs to be reminded, but he does. So today I put a sign on the fridge....Then I went to Michael's and bought a huge poster board and wrote DISNEYLAND MARCH 11-15TH and taped it to the garage door. Then I went and got a pad of sticky notes and proceeded to stick Disneyland reminders on: the computer monitor, the phone, the coffee pot, next to the toilet paper in our bathroom, on the bathroom mirror, in his sock drawer, on the lamp next to the bed, on his pillow, on the dashboard of his car, on the rear view mirror, and in his lunch box. Do you think that will do the trick?


Allie said...

You're cracking me up. What pilates video are you using? I tried one my mom had one time and hated it! I used to do a yoga video and loved it. I'm not sure how much it does for weight loss though. I've got to get back to the gym tomorrow! January was oddly chaotic. Good luck with the Disney trip. Sounds like it should be a go this time.

camport said...

That is hilarious! If it doesn't do the trick then you are fully entitled to pick a fight. :)

Melissa said...

Ok, so doing a pilates video at HOME for 3 days in a row is AMAZING. Way to go!!!!

Like the reminders for Pete....He has no excuse. Not even PIGS will stop you now! Disney here you come!

The Klentzmans said...

My hubby says it is nagging, he really doesn't remember- so if yours is anything like mine, you are just taking the necessary actions. Problem is if there were that many sticky notes for everything they needed to remember (help clean the kitchen, take out trash, pick up lunch I have packed for you and set by the door) then their poor non-multi-tasking brains would get overwhelmed and we'd be back to square 1.

Miss jane said...