Thursday, June 12, 2008

I didn't forget.

I didn't forget that I was supposed to post new books up for grabs yesterday. I didn't. It's just that I am a really really bad procrastinator and um....AVOIDER. Yesterday was a classic avoider day. I did absolutely everything I could do to NOT do what I was supposed to do. I really have mastered the technique of avoiding. Even now...I'm totally avoiding packing the car, filling the cat food bowl, and getting the stupid lizard heat lamp at PetSmart cuz the dang kids broke it yesterday. grrr. Anyway.
Yeah we're supposed to be leaving. Like for you know....4 days and all. Yet here I am avoiding the tasks I need to do. Because i LOVE running around like a chicken with my head cut off an hour AFTER we were supposed to be on the road. Because, Dude..... It's WAY more fun to be panicked than prepared....totally.
Talk about being prepared...jeez. Pete came home from work last night around 5:30, took a clue that I was literally going to bite one of my children's head off if they didn't stop freakin GETTING INTO EVERYTHING oh and PULLING EVERYTHING I JUST PACKED OUT OF THE SUITCASE...Megan. Ahem...sorry. And he decided that he better take Jake with him and go to the ranch. Which is ya hour away. But he HAD to get something. So they went. And they didn't get back until 11 o'clock.
SO. This morning Pete rolls over in bed and says:
What time did you want to get on the road today?
Me: Well...there's really no rush. We can't even check in until 3 anyway.
Him: Ok cuz.....(long pause).......I gotta go the ranch.
Him: yeah, well...I forgot that one thing I went up there for yesterday.

Good Lord.

So yeah. That's why I'm taking the moment to blog. We can't go anywhere without him anyway.

Have a good weekend Blogland!
I'll post the books NEXT Wednesday. Promise :)


Melissa said...

Have fun...
We always run around before we leave. It's the only way to go I guess :)

Brown English Muffin said...

What the bleep, bleep, bleep...did he do until 11pm last night as to why he forgot the bleep, bleep, bleep thing he went there for in the first place!!! LOL

Ok i'm done...all that cursing is bad anyway!!

Hope you have a fun trip!

Jude said...

oooooh, peg leg is lucky it is father's day weekend, or mrs. pegleg might have whooped him!! Have a fun trip!!

beth said...

oh no!

hope you have a good weekend.

nicole said...

hope you have a great weekend away!!! and yeah totally with you on running around like a crazy person...although I am one to do that for the four days straight before we go - and totally annoy jeff in the process :)

also just noticed your new blogroll sidebar - very cool - how did you do that??