Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Book Winner. And updates.

First and foremost we have a winner for last weeks book giveaway!! I won't go through all the picture hoopla this time. Mostly cuz I just don't have time. But know that all the names were put into a lovely bowl, they were stirred around by some grubby little boy hands and one winner was chosen. Congratulations Chrissy!!! The grubby little boy hands picked you!! Hooray!! Send me your address girl! I probably have it, but send it to me anyways :)
Ok on to updates...
First: The garage sale completely sucked. Completely. Worse garage sale...EVER. I am not exaggerating. I made $15 dollars. $15 DOLLARS! In two days! And that was mostly because my MIL felt bad for me and gave me a few extra. It didn't just suck for me, it sucked for all of us. The grand total was maybe $200 dollars. And that was mostly because the MIL sold a giant air compressor to some farmer dude for $70 bucks. It just really surprised me. Cuz we had GREAT stuff. No, I'm serious. The MIL is retiring from doing daycare in her home for the last 35 years. There was TONS of really great kids stuff. We had 5 or 6 Pack-n-Play cribs. Most of them looked hardly used at all. NONE of them sold. Not one. I also had a really nice baby swing--no one grabbed it. I had a BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE BOX highchair that I was asking $10 dollars for and some lady talked me down to SIX. SIX DOLLARS FOR A BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE BOX, HIGHCHAIR THAT STILL RETAILS FOR 49.99 AT TARGET. Yes, I am bitter. No, I will not get over it. Ahem...excuse me. I know...I'm not garage sale material. Is the economy really that bad that people aren't even going to garage sales anymore? I would kind of think more people would be looking for deals than paying retail. But that didn't seem to be the case for us this weekend.
Second: Pete cut his leg with a chain saw at the ranch Friday night. Yep. He's ok. Could have been A LOT worse. I mean, he could have cut is whole freakin leg off I suppose. Then we could of gotten him one of those cool wooden legs and pretended he was a Pirate and called him Peg Leg Pete. Kidding. Of course, I'm kidding. He ended up with A LOT of stitches and is probably going to have a gnarly scar. But he's ok, and that's what's important. The man who doesn't know the meaning of "relax" actually had to chill for a couple days and he hung out with us at the garage sale.
Third: We're leaving on Thursday afternoon headed for the mountains! Yee haw! We're going to our church family retreat for 4 days. I'm excited just to go somewhere, hang out with friends and just relax a bit. Here's where we're going. Check it out, it's a neat place :)
Who knew that going out of town for a few days would be such a hassle? I've been running around for the past 2 days doing laundry, making lists, running all over town making sure we have enough diapers, snacks, clothes, dog food, cat food, lizard food, and TURKEY food to last us while we're gone. It's exhausting! LOL!
Anyways, I have more little updates--funny things that Jake and Megan say/do. But frankly, I just don't have time right now. The drier is buzzing and I've got about 5 more things to cross off the to-do's today.
Check back tomorrow for another book RAK and get yer tissues ready...romance and sappiness at it's best.


Jen said...

Peg Leg Pete!! Too funny! I'm so glad that he's okay. That is super scary.

Garage sale - oh my goodness that is unbelievable! I was thinking about doing one but I think I'll stick with ebay. What a pain to get all of that ready for nothing.

Have a great trip!! It looks like so much fun!

Melissa said...

I think we have a couple stories about Peg Leg Pete :).

Sorry to hear about the garage sale...that really stinks.

Have fun on your trip! Can't wait to see the next book on your list!

camport said...

Man, too bad Target changed their return policy. In the olden days, when they were a normal store, you could still return unopened high chairs and get at least a store credit.

I can't believe nobody bought the pack N plays! It sounds like you did have good stuff!

Oh and hooray for me getting some books! I need books! I'll email you.

And have so so much fun on the trip, I'm sure you guys need it{as we all do}! PHEW about Pete's leg. Glad to see you have a sense of humor about it! Is he laughing about the Peg Leg comment?? LOL


Brown English Muffin said...

Oh man I wish I lived closer to you...I LOVE grabbing things for my little one at garage sales...my logic is they are only going to use ANYTHIGN for a MAXIMUM of 1 year so why pay full price for it...and depending on what it is it got hardly any use to begin with!!!

I would have grabbed all kinds of toys and stuff...and I would have totally grabbed the high chair well depends....was it a baby high chair that swings or one a 2 year old could go in? I'd use it as second to take outside when we bbq outside or to take camping just so I know where the heck she is!!

Oh yeah that was wrong what you said about your poor hubbys leg!! But I'm still laughing!

Oh and what do Turkeys eat anyway? Can't they just eat the lizard if they get hungry!

Cheryl Wray said...

Yuck on the garage sale!!! Sorry it flopped so bad!

Your retreat sounds wonderful!!!! We are heading to the mountains tomorrow too and can't wait! I hop eyou have a great time!

Jude said...

oh my, this is why Micah NEVER allows me to have yard sales! I cannot believe thato ther stuff didn;t sell... weird! Sorry about Pete's leg, but I was LOL at the new nickname!!