Tuesday, May 01, 2007

You know....

I really hate blogger sometimes. I've said it before. Yesterday, I had this big ole post all typed out...with a picture and everything....pushed Publish...and *POOF* gone. "page can not be displayed". Freakin' heck that ticks me off! It happens to emails too. And then of course you have no energy to go back and type it all again. Plus, you can never remember all you said anyways.
Maybe it's a good thing. I feel like maybe my mouth has been running a little too fast lately. Like maybe I've said too much...or not known when to shut up. Yesterday, I really felt like I made some people mad. Some people I really don't want to be mad, you know? I felt like maybe my words were like the last straw....the straw that broke the proverbial "camels back". And then I had a major panic attack. No one said anything for the longest time. I got so nervous because I HATE confrontation. I want to live in a world where people are happy, happy all the time! I'm dreaming, I know. But I get knots in my tummy when I think anyone is mad at me...or if there is some kind of tense conversation going on around me...it doesn't even have to involve me. What is that about?! Yes, I know, I'm overly sensitive. Anyways, I think all is good now.
Anyways, on to other stuff....If you haven't checked out unpubbed yet, please do! And submit your layouts too! We'll be looking at each and every one. Who knows, we might just pick you for our next guest designer! We want you to have your 15 minutes too!
Megan turned 8 months old on Saturday. I can not believe she's that old all ready. And I can't believe it's May 1st! The year is flying by. So, she's 8 months and not crawling yet. She sits up and slaps her hands on the floor and she rocks back and forth...like she's trying to crawl. But she does nothing with her butt. Well sometimes she scoots a bit. If I put her on her tummy, she just looks like she's going for a swim. It's so funny, she just kicks her legs like crazy. Then, if I put her up on her hands and knees, she gets really mad and screams cuz she has no idea what to do. I guess she'll figure it out. I'm not too worried about it except for the fact that Jake was already crawling at this age. But you're not supposed to compare kids, right? She absolutely loves to stand up and pull up though...maybe she'll skip crawling.
Jake's head is much better. He's gonna have a pretty good scar though. Are all kids weird...or just mine? Sometimes I think Jake has OCD. So the other day it got up to like 95 degrees. Pretty hot for April, even in California. Anyways so he's getting ready for bed and he's putting on PJ's with long sleeves and long pants. I tell him it's too hot to wear those and give him another pair that is shorts and a T-shirt. He flips out...not really throwing a fit or anything. He's smart enough not to do that. But you can see it on his face that he's just mad about it. He gets tears in his eyes and says "I don't wanna wear these ones". I calmly explain that it's too hot to wear the other ones and then give him the option to just wear his underwear to bed if he wants. Anyways this back and forth stuff goes on and on for what seems like forever. Finally he puts on the shorts, but he's still upset about it. He gets in his bed, tells me good night and then says "but momma, I don't wanna wear these ones." After like 15 minutes has gone by. He's still fixed on these stupid shorts. Please tell me that my kid is not the only one who acts like that. Should I have just let him wear the other ones? I think we're both just stubborn. I want him to do it my way, and he wants to do it his. We're both Leo's. Maybe that's why.
Well, this is getting kind of boring isn't it? I don't have a whole lot to report. Seriously, yesterday's post that got lost was way better than this one. But I can't remember it all! Oh one more thing for you Grey's fans....I hate George and I'm glad he's leaving. I really like Callie...I think I'm in the minority there, but I do really like her. And what she said to Izzy in the elevator was great. She is so the bigger person. And I think the whole Izzy and George sleeping together thing was crazy...why couldn't they just stay friends? McDreamy is Mc-tickin' me off! He's being really selfish right now. Carrie....I know a lot of people don't like her. But for some reason, I can't help but like her. She is soooo self centered and I think she's kind of mean to Burke, but I can't help but like her for some reason.
Ok, well I'll leave you with that. Hope your day is full of creative sunshine :D


Kal said...

Total tip here: Typepad is bad, too for losing the GREATEST POSTS YOU'VE EVER WRITTEN. So, what I do is write the post of a lifetime and BEFORE I hit publish - I select all of the text I've just written and COPY it. control C if you're PC and Apple C if you're MAC. Then the data gets transfered to the clipboard. Then I hit publish. If it buggers itself and loses my post of all posts then I just say "no worries" and PASTE my copied text into the post area again and try that. Again. Again. Again. Until it works and my post remains intact.

Hope that helps. I feel your pain.


mom said...

Jake is a very normal little boy. I understand him getting "fixed" on things. Rememeber "no, mommy. square side up". Some little girl I used to know was fixed on her blanket! I still love you anyways!

camport said...

I am laughing at you, hard! I can't stand it when I lose a post or email. It's just crap. I've found that if you lose an email and just hit the back button and wait a minute, it comes back sometimes. Not a post, though.

You and I would get along SO well. We would be the only two happy, happy all the time people. I HATE confrontation. Even if it's a perfect stranger yelling at a check out lady or waitress or something, I get all nervous, like it's my fault or something.

In that, we are 2peas in a pod.

Megan is perfectly fine. Definitely don't compare, with my two there really is no comparing. They are so completely different. In every way. Milestones, weight, height, clothing size, crawling, walking, everything!!

Jake, also, perfectly normal. We have clothing fights all the time! And then you look back on it and think, "I shoulda just let him..."

I like Callie, too! She's one of my favorites. And Christina, too. Makes me want to start calling myself Christina{it's my real name} instead of Chrissy. She's gonna break Burke's heart in the end, I just know it. McDreamy's gonna screw up big time, too. And I didn't know George was leaving! He should, cheating bas***d.

I've had no creative sunshine today, but it's been a happy first day of May!


Melissa said...

I so hate it when people are mad at me or at otherss. I used to write notes in grade school and high school that started with "are you mad at me" yes or no (check box).

It makes me so sick to my stomach when there is tension in the air. And, I work with a teacher with whom getting mad at is a norm. AGH.

Sorry about blogger and losing posts. I can't say that I have lost posts, but I am know to save a lot as drafts before publishing. basically because I usually don't get them typed in one sitting...

Your kids are normal. I just read in a recent Parents magazine and they were comparing something like 12 10 month olds. ALL of them different. So, all will be good in the end.

And Tanner fights about certain PJs too.

Have a good day...

Jude said...

Yeah, confrontation stinks... I avoid it too, but sometimes I just have to as we call it around my house, "Go Yankee" on people!!LOL...
I think Megan is fine. My nephew was the same way, and my SIL was worried because Lincoln was crawling around. He just up and started to one day and then he walked not too long after... when she wants to go somewhere she will!
I think you did the right thing with Jake. That was a time when you were choosing the better thing, and so I say stick to your guns... it will make for less arguments later! Now, if it was just a choice of blue or red shorts, let him pick, but this was in his best interest. PLus, you did give him another option (the undies) so I think you made the excellent Mommy choice!!
And yeah, Grey's is really losing me here lately... the whole George/Izzy thing is
#1 weird and incestual
#2 a little unbelievable they had NO attraction before!
#3 Alcohol induced... yeah, thats real romantic!
Is George leaving the show? I missed that, I know he said he was going to another hospital...
Well, Now that I have the LONGEST comments ever, I will go...

Brown English Muffin said...

I hate this too....I ALWAYS do what Kal says if I EVER write more than 1 line of ANYTHING!!!

I hit ctrl C and then hit submit...it takes some time to get used to but now it's automatic for me!