Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Just a bunch of random stuff...

Seems like I've had a lot of just random stuff lately! This year...or the last maybe 6 months or so, has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Unfortunately, it sure seems like there has been a lot more downs, than ups. I'm just burnt out on emotions right now. I'm tired of struggling every month to pay bills, and feeling a rush of guilty anxiety every time I swipe my ATM card. And then there's the passing of my grandma....I really haven't even began to deal with those emotions yet. It still hasn't even sunk in. I went to Costco on Thursday....mostly because I didn't know what else to do with myself. So I bought 5lbs of strawberries and a thing of their rotisserie chicken salad. That's all I ate for 3 days. Strawberries and chicken salad.......And I thought I wasn't an emotional eater. Hum...thinkin maybe I was wrong! LOL! *sigh* Well I know I'm still going to have some bad days coming...thinking about my grandma, but other than that I really want to get back to feeling myself again. Have you been to Kal's blog? Love Life. It's amazing how she can see so many good things in every day. I want to start being more like that. I don't want this to be a place where I come to complain (though, I KNOW that is still going to happen...everyone needs to vent) But I also want this to be a place where I can share and relish in the joys of life.
Scrapbooking/photography note: I think it was Chrissy's blog...the other day I was reading how much her husband gets mad at all the crazy picture taking...Girls! Stand up for your hobby! Stand up for photos! Tell your husbands to eat $#*! (j/k don't do that!) Tell them they need to help and take pictures of you too! I was just reminded this weekend how incredibly important it is to document our lives with photos and stories. My cousin and I spent a couple of hours going through a box of photos my grandma had. It was so amazing to see the passage of time over the last 85 years...the vacations they took, the birthdays, the parties...the everyday life! It took us quite a while to go through them all...and a lot of them didn't have any info on them at all, and some of them had little stories on the back. But all I was thinking when I was done was "I want more". I just couldn't get enough. I saw pictures of my mother when she was my age. She was GORGEOUS. Seriously. Not that she isn't now, but wow, she was just so pretty. Anyways, all I'm trying to say is keep doing what your doing. It really will be appreciated someday.
Kid update: Megan...well she is SOooooooo close to crawling. Last night she fell over on her tummy several times while trying to get something out of her reach. This usually makes her scream, but last night you could see the happy determination on her face. She barly has a bit of forward motion. She can get up on one knee, then she kind of pushes off with the other foot, causing her to inch forward a bit! It's so cute. Oh, and I know you're all going to think I'm nuts, but seriously, she has said her first word. Not counting ma- ma and da- da. She says "kitty". It's not clear as day or anything, but it is clearly two syllables kind of like "ta-ty" or something like that. And I know it's kitty that she's saying because she only says it when she sees the cat. I had heard her say it a couple of times over the weekend, and I wasn't quite sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing. But then this morning I was getting ready to put her in the car...I was holding her and not really paying attention. The cat ran into the garage, Megan looks down right at her and says "ta-ty". So there you have it. Proof. My child is a genius! Ha!


camport said...

She is a genius. :) And you are so right about the camera. The man has gotten a little better, but it's still an issue sometimes, and he still never takes pictures of me. He never just comes to the conclusion on his own to take the camera out and snap some pics of me.

Anyways...that's awesome that your Grandma had so many pictures. One of grandmas does, and the other one has never cared about pictures. I wish she did. Thanks for the reminder that pictures and memories are important.


Kimberly White said...

I love it when Joel has a new word! Megan is definitely a genious! And I totally agree about taking photos ... I always think that my family will thank me later that I have documented life (although I'm taking a million of Joel and less of everyone else!) I just downloaded 61 pics that I took in the last 3 days! Crazy! Have a great day Corey! Kim

Ronda P. said...

Yea I think you might say that Ronda needs to quit taking pictures if you saw my stash! LOL!
Let yourself feel the emotional ups & downs. It is so hard to lose a loved one. My thoughts are so with you!

Melissa said...

She is pure genius. Pure.

My mom has LOTS of pictures as my dad was an avid picture man. I still remember having to pose for pictures and not wanting too. I need to get over to my moms and look at those pictures. Maybe this summer when she is gone for the month I'll go over and look. Scan them and print them and scrap them. Good summer project. :) (And I just randomly typed that, so strange..)

My husband takes pictures of my butt. Or, not so good ones of me. I have to force him, but he's getting better about not taking pictures of my butt and making me look like a super model.
:) Melissa

Kal said...

You made me blush.

The best piece of advice I ever got was a woman who said if you can make your wounds your wisdoms - then you're lighter. Changed the way I looked at things and prioritized.

I'm sorry about your grandma. She's with you still, you know. Always. Hold on to that part.

And keep taking picture. Go.

camport said...

I see you didn't post about your child-free escapade to SF.

Were you afraid everyone would hate you?? :)

Hope you had a blast!