Sunday, May 27, 2007

What do you think?

I finally got me some pencil crayons! Just thought I'd mess around with them a little tonight. Can you belive this?.....JAKE was the one who colored this. Well I started off with just a bit of the red and yellow on the cherry, and I did color the leaves....but I walked away and came back to find this. Not bad for a three year old I must say! He finished my red and then decided to highlight it all in yellow. I think I might have an artist on my hands! Normally I would be totally ticked that he was messing with my stuff. But How could I get mad at this? Not much else going on here this weekend. Pete left Thursday morning to go to Alaska. He's guiding a bear hunt up there. So I guess it's work and play. He'll be gone 10 days. I miss him, of course, but you know it's pretty nice not to have to cook all the time. Well, you know cook, cook. I can make Jake a quesadilla or a PB&J and he's good to go. Same with Megan. Pop open a thing of baby food and she's good to go. I don't have to worry about a 3 course meal or anything! Does that make me a bad mother? I did, however, try the BBQ chicken wrap Chrissy was talking about the other day on her blog. I must say, it was so good I had 2! My tortillas were small so I justified having 2! LOL! Jake ended up just eating the chicken out of it. He gagged on the tomatoes. Kid is just like his dad. I don't understand how someone could hate tomatoes so much and love spaghetti. Anyway, I did technically cook since I actually put the chicken on the Q. I usually eat like crap when Pete is gone. Last night I had chips and salsa for 9:30 or some crazy hour. Anyways, yep we're doing nothing exciting around here. Tomorrow we're haning out with the SIL's and MIL. Don't know what we're doing yet though. Hope your weekends are more exciting than this!

*oh-I have to write this down so I don't forget*- Last night I'm putting Jake to bed. He says "Momma, don't turn my fan off." "Ok, I won't". He says, "Yeah, cuz I need some air so I don't die". This is all totally in reffrence to bugs in a jar. He's 100% boy, in that he's obsessed with catching bugs and putting them in jars or bags or what ever he can find to store the stinkin things. *ughh* Do you know he can catch a fly like Mr. Miagi? You know from the Karate Kid? Only he uses his fingers instead of chopsticks. He sneaks up on them and then fast as lightning, he grabs with his fingers. I'm not kidding, I've seen him do it a dozen times now. Pete didn't believe me until he saw a jar sitting on our patio with a live fly in it.

One more funny thing...We're driving around today and Jake sees one of those things they have in front of car dealers...the blow up things that look like a crazy guy dancing? You know what I'm talking about? So he says "Look at that dancing guy! Why is him dancing?" I say "because he's having a good time". So he says "with the ladies?". How does he know, guys have 'good times' with the ladies?! I know, this is all like "you had to be there" type of stuff. But it's just all for my memory's sake.


camport said...

That is so funny! Our boys would be such buds. "With the ladies..." so funny.

And those bbq wraps, just bought more ingredients tonight. We're gonna eat em so much we'll hate em. Oh well, I'll enjoy the wrap phase while it's here. They really are a tasty little treat. I'm the same as you about eating. If I could, I'd eat lunchables or chips or some other kid type food for every meal.

I figure I don't smoke or drink, so my horrible eating habits are justified.

My poor arteries.


oh, and Jake did an awesome job with those pencils!

Capucine C said...

Wow you son did a great job with the picture...great blog..

Kimberly White said...

I'm impressed with Jake's talents - artist and fly catcher! You go Jake! And I totally eat like that when Matt isn't home ... hope you don't get too lonely! Kim

Ronda P. said...

I agree, budding little artist. Way to cool! "With the ladies" just cracks me up!

Carla said...

that is adorable, about the fan. the picture is beautiful. you should let him play with your crayons more often...or his own cheaper ones :) i totally understand about the eating bad when the husband is not around. i am the SAME way. take care!

Melissa said...

What an artist!!

Tanner laughs at those dancing things, but that is one hilarious thing.."with the ladies."

:) Melissa

-karen (akaliz) said...

i keep reading your 'usually eat like crap when Pete is gone' and 'with the ladies' ... i am just cracking up! oh, and i like your all journaling page. think i might have to do one of those since i like to talk so much and all.