Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hey there!

Thanks for all the advice about my kids! I know they're not really strange...but sometimes you just have to wonder, you know?! If you've emailed me lately and haven't gotten a's not because I don't like you...It's because my husband doesn't! LOL!! (blame it on the men, right? J/K) It's not really Pete's fault...It's just that there is not enough time in the day. A few weeks ago...well maybe about a month now...we came up with a pact. Basically a list of chores that each one of us must complete before we do anything else....So that things don't pile up till the weekend. One of us takes the upstairs and the other takes care of downstairs. The upstairs person gives the kids baths, gets them in PJ's and washes/dries/folds laundry as necessary. The downstairs person cleans up dinner, emtys/fills dishwasher as necessary, wipes counters and sweeps the floor. And every night Jake is in charge of cleaning the toy area and feeding his lizard. So, by the time we get all this stuff done and the kiddies to bed, it's 9 o'clock. And the alarm starts going at 5 o'clock in the morning. So by 9, we're pretty wiped out and I usually end up going to bed. So, sorry for not getting back to you all. I try to keep up at work with my blog buddies and groups, but that can be difficult too. And I can't even see my at home email from here. PUNKS! Every night lately I've been going home to at LEAST 50 emails a day! I wish I had more time to be really involved, in all I want to be involved know?
Another note about Greys....I can not confirm that George is leaving. I'm only assuming so because there has been rumors flying around about it for months...and then last week when he tells Izzy he's transferring, I just thought "ok, that's his out", right? I thought that just kind of sealed the deal. But maybe I'm wrong. I guess this week is supposed to be a 2 hour show. :D
Yesterday, I ended my post with "hope your day is full of creative sunshine". I have no idea where I got just came to me. And I've decided I really like it. So, this weekend I'm gonna try and incorporate that somehow to my banner. (mostly as a reminder for myself, but maybe for all of you too) Chris{tina}sy *wink* let us know what the dimensions are for the blog banner so I'm gonna give it a go this weekend and see what I can come up with! :D


camport said...

:) Give it a whirl! I already want to change mine!

We understand about your lack of hours. I usually have too many hours, making me a lazy mommy and I spend way too many of those hours on the computer.

I was just getting ready to be a good mom and take 'em to the park, and lo and behold...cue the rain!

The joy of the Pacific NW, I suppose.

Can't WAIT to see what kinda banner you come up with!

Chrissy{I gave up on the Christina idea, nobody would know who I am.}

Jude said...

You should feel free to ignore any and all e-mails if you are getting up before the hour of 6am.... You guys have a busy life that is for sure. I'll give Grey's one more chance to fix thw hwole George mess... LOL... :)

Melissa said...

:) Totally understand the whole lack of hours thing. I'm lucky that I have a hour and a half naptime that I have to monitor.

Can't do much work in the dark...

What a good arrangement. Andy and I trade off on bedtime routine each night. The other has to clean kitchen and straighten up the house.

Have a good weekend...looking forward to seeing you banner!!

:) Melissa