Thursday, December 11, 2008

This post has no point

Better than saying it's random, right?
But look at this picture! Isn't it pretty??! I took this yesterday for my December Daily album. I can't stop looking at it. This is straight out of the camera. No photo/color enhancement. I'm just in awe of the colors. It was also pretty awesome because yesterday was the first day since BEFORE Thanksgiving that we actually saw blue skies here. We've been socked in with fog for over a week. (wait...almost 2 weeks??) It can make you a little insane. Not seeing the sun for that long. And it's not even raining. That would be one thing. It was just miserable and cold for no reason.
Both Jake and Megan are much, much better. No more sickies. It was in and out very quickly with both of them. Thank goodness. Puke with a 2 year old is much, much different than with a 5 year old who knows what to do. Kind of a funny moment when I was cleaning up the other night...I'd taken all the sheets of Megan's bed and decided it just would be pointless to put new ones on. So I pulled out a few beach towels to lay on the mattress instead. So she's standing there watching me pull them out from the linen closet and says "momma? pool?" Poor little thing thought I was gonna take her swimming in the midst of puke and butt coldness.
I'm still paranoid about getting the sickness. I hate, hate, hate the stomach flu. I will avoid it at all cost. With all the power I have. I will try to defy it. So far, so good. I've been washing my hands like crazy and avoiding eating anything I um......don't want to see later. : I was really feeling bad this morning. I thought for sure this was it. Turns out I just needed to eat something. I was fine after that. Duh. Sometimes I amaze myself at my own ridiculousness.

I made these cookies today. Found the recipe on Food Network as one of the 12 days of cookies. I'm usually not a fan of the store bought sugar cookie dough, but these are so good. It's 2 sugar cookies with chocolate mint gnash (isn't that a fun word?) smushed in the middle and then melted chocolate on top with chopped up candy canes. They are so rich and....chocolaty. I could only eat half of one. Plus I don't really like candy canes. They add kind of a weird texture that I could do with out...but they do make the cookies look pretty and festive. These are really good, easy cookies. Grab some milk though.
My neighbor always, always has dirty dishes in her sink. How do I know this, you ask? Cuz I can see directly into her kitchen window from the window in my stairwell. And I'm not talking about a couple of coffee cups either. I'm not even talking about breakfast dishes. I'm talking about so many dirty dishes from last night, this morning and who knows when that their piled high and spilling out onto the counter. Please note that I am not judging her. Also note that I am not comparing her to myself. I am simply comparing her to the lady that used to live there. Because it's such a drastic difference. Sally never, ever had dirty dishes in her sink. None. I always thought that was strange. I mean never. Not even a coffee cup or a butter knife. I don't know, I just thought it was weird. And now I think it's weird that this other lady is so different. I got used to looking at that empty sink. I promise I'll stop obsessing over my neighbors kitchen habbits.
Please note that presently there are no dirty dishes in my sink. Just for the record.
So, I guess that's all the random I have for today.
14 days till Christmas. I am no where near being ready.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you don't live next door to me and see in my house. It would my my obsessive tendencies so much worse (see my current post)...

I'm just kidding...I would love you as a neighbor...I would come and eat your cookies and bring the milk.

Glad to hear that all are better in your house....i hate the sickies!

samport said...

LOL at your "just for the record."

That picture seriously needs to be framed and on the wall for all of winter! I love it!

Here's to staying flu free!!


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my gosh...those cookies are so pretty and look yummy. I'm going to a Cookie Swap on Sunday and thought I'd decided on oreo truffles, but I'm thinking these might be really good too!!! MMMMMM.

And that picture is gorgeous!!

nicole said...

love that photo!!!

and totally feel for you with the sick kids - lauren is going through it right now and i'm so afriad someone else will get it just in time for christmas!
i have been washing my hands so much that my hands have started to crack - seriously! although it doesn't help that it has been subzero here all week either....

anyway yeah for healthy kids - hoping to be there with you soon!

Jude said...

great photo Corey! My dishes are all washed... but they drip dry in the other side! LOL. :)