Tuesday, December 16, 2008


at breakfast...

Megan: Where Dada?
Jake: He's at work.
Megan: Wal-mert?
Jake: No. Work. Work!..............Mommy used to have a work. But they kicked her out.

I just had to laugh at that!


Melissa said...

Ha! You got kicked out...
Thanks to your enabling, I am off to build houses in jars. But, I'm making 5 sets, 4 for teachers, one for me :)

Why do I do this to myself???

camport said...

ditto to Melissa's comments. Between you and Nicole, I can't resist! PLUS, I have a junk load of Christmas-y paper to use up!

LOL at this little conversation. Gotta get that one down on paper! Kids!


nicole said...

that is funny.
it's it crazy to hear how they think things go down sometimes!