Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Little pink houses for you and me

I'm not feeling very festive today. Not feeling Christmasy at all. It's just one of those days where reality has reared it's ugly head. I've said it before...I'm an avoider. If there is something I'd rather not deal with, I push it to the very back of my head and spend time pretending that it doesn't exist. In the hopes that maybe, just maybe if I leave it back there long enough, it will go away. It's never actually worked though. Dang it. Today, one of those little things I've had hiding back there did a 180* and is now smack dab in front of me again. *sigh* Don't worry, it's nothing bad or anything. Not really. It's just kind of pissed me off and all I want to do is put it back where it came from and go on trying to pretend it doesn't exist. It kind of went like this: oh, right, house is for sale. And oh yeah, we can't afford to live here anymore. Right. There really isn't anything I can do about it anyway. So why not just let me go back to my fantasy world? Where I don't have to think about any of that nasty stuff? It'll take me a day or two, but I'll get it put back it's place wayyyyyy back there where it belongs :)
Sorry for that weirdness.
But that's me.
In other news: Megan is still continuing to cry. Over everything. Still. Someone please make her stop. For a second I thought it might be because her 2 year molars are coming in. But no. All I have to do is say "Just a minute, honey" and she's on the floor in a ball of tears. I don't know how much more I can take.
I did end up making some more tiny houses today. I had dreams last night of a little village made entirely of tiny little paper houses. I couldn't help it...they're not that hard to make and just so dang cute. The ones I made today turned out a little better than yesterday. It just took a little practice to get the method down right. If you decide to make some and you want snow on the roofs...use a glue like Diamond Glaze and run it over the ridge line and it will naturally drip down the sides and make for good snow. I put clear glitter on top of the glue and it looks so cute!
So that's all I got for today. I've got to go clean up all the glitter, paper scraps and fake snow that is littered all over my kitchen counter! Oh yeah and avoid that other thing.


Allie said...

Good luck on the avoiding. I'm quite experienced with that as well. :) We had to take some kind of confrontation quiz at work awhile back. Seriously. It told me I was an avoider. Duh.

Love the title of this... now I want to go put that song on my playlist. :)

camport said...

Yeah, you and me are so alike in that aspect. We're trying to make some HUGE decisions right now and it's just stuff I'd rather not have to deal with.

I'm thing at a time please!!

Can't wait to see some more of your mini houses!


Melissa said...

I am the same way....I am a big put it in the back of my head until needed on lots of things.

I hope that making the houses helps you deal with the matter at hand.