Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I feel like I have so much to blog about, and yet so little. There's been a lot of little things running through my head, but not really anything of huge significance.
First I'm starting to panic a little bit about Christmas. We are doing a very simple Christmas this year, but I still want the !!! and awe for the kids on Christmas morning. We had a few things in mind for each kid that we knew we were going to get. So Pete and I went out last night without the kids. We had told Jake about a month ago that we would get him a new bow for Christmas. We even saw one at Bass Pro Shop and so of course he has been excited about it ever since. It's #2 on his letter to Santa. Anyway, so Pete and I go out last night specifically to get this bow. Well, they're out of them. And they don't know when they'll get them in. (Frrr!!!) So, ok option 2....the internet! *sigh* Well, I can find it online.....BUT....I can't get it shipped before Christmas. I guess because technically it's a firearm (this is not a toy, but an actual real youth hunting bow) they can't do overnight or 2nd day shipping. I'm just at a loss. There is a slight chance that Bass Pro will get some in on their Sunday night shipment so I'm going to call on Monday. But man, he's just going to be so disappointed if it's not under the tree. And so will I. I mean the kid only asked for 3 things. You would think Santa and I could deliver, right?
I think I've got Megan covered. Pete found the most awesomest horse last night at Target. I go there like every day and I hadn't seen it. Thank goodness I took him with me because I would have missed out on the coolest toy. The girl is just obsessed with horses. She loves them. The one we got her is pretty big, has a long white mane and tail, a pink saddle, a princess crown and other coolness. She's just going to love it. I can't wait!!
In other news.... I got into another car accident yesterday. (@#$%^!) If you're keeping score, you're hasn't even been a year since my last accident. I swear I've been in more accidents than anyone I know. Except maybe my stepsister. Don't get in a car with that one! LOL! J/K! This accident yesterday was again, not my fault. A non English speaking, no license, no insurance, IDIOT pulled out in front of me. I did everything I could but still slid into him. Luckily there is really no damage. But still. It just really, really ticked me off.

Potty training. It's just time. I've got to get on the ball with that one. Megan brings me a diaper, lies down on the floor and says "Change me Momma!" Ummm. Yeah. The thing is, every time I've ever put her on the potty, she WILL NOT GO. Not even a dribble. The other day she had stayed dry for at least 4 hours. We were getting ready to take a shower, the water was running, she'd just drunk a whole cup of milk..... You would think she'd really have to go, right?? I even pored warm water down the front of know, to kinda get it going?? Nothing. She gives me nothing to work with. I dunno. I'm going to hold out through Christmas and then we're headed straight to potty boot camp.
The DMV---Why is it, you can never go in there and just not have a major fiasco? Pete bought a trailer for the ranch and I had to take the pink slip in to get it switched over in his and the company's name. Well, they ran my credit card and it wouldn't go through. So the girl goes to another machine and it worked. Meanwhile, the other machine decides to put the transaction through. So they charged me twice. No big deal, right? Ummmm...apparently they can't do refunds. Huh?? Is this not 2008? What do you mean? They said it would take like 3 weeks. Are you kidding me? They ended up giving me cash. But here's the even more stupid part. They can't refund more than $100 at a time. So they had to give me two receipts. It's just strange. It ended up being fine, but such a hassle. And I still have to go back because apparently they have no idea how to spell.
Ok, so is this like the biggest complaint post ever!?? ha ha! really I'm not usually this negative. I think I just must be having one of those weeks!
Sorry, I'll stop now!


samport said...

So not cool about the double charging DMV! Good thing they refunded it!

And the accident, wow. I love it when the insurance company charges for uninsured motorists. Only in America!

Same goes for us about Christmas. There is nothing under the tree for me or Sean. I said no to presents this year as I tend to get whatever I want, whenever I want. Plus, I honestly couldn't think of a single thing I want. Sean got a super expensive piano last month, so he's not expecting anything, I'm sure. Plus plus, LA is kinda my gift!! :)

nicole said...

I am with you on the potty boot camp on jan 1st! don't you wish you could send them to a real potty bootcamp for two days and they would come back trained?! :)
i've been letting william slide since we are busy with holiday stuff but he is in for it after cmas.

also totally know what you mean about the excitment for your kids on christmas morning. jeff keeps telling me i create more work for myself when it comes to their gifts and their experiences during christmas but i just want it to be so magical for them!
so hope you have luck with the bow!

Allie said...

Hope you had luck with the bow. That was on DSS's list too, but he really doesn't have a place to use a REAL one day-to-day. So we went with other stuff. :( Crazy crazy about the DMV.

Jude said...

I am with you on the bow and arrow! I wante a play one for Lincoln, like with the little suction cups... he jsut asked for this last week, and has not asked for ANYTHING else, so I look at Target, Toys r Us, and even a speciality toy shop.... nothing! I found it online, and it could be here by Christmas - if I want to sell an orgen to pay for shipping! LOL. Hope you found one this weekend at BP!