Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Randomness

Wow, so a whole week has gone by again? I've been such a blog slacker. You'd think I'd find more time for it now...but somehow there always seems to be something else to do. I think that's my excuse for everything.
We're still trying to get things ready for Kindergarten...this week starts a week of doctor and dentist appointments. Jake and I go to the dentist tomorrow. I'm a little scared...cuz I haven't been to the dentist in a while. And this is one I've never been to before. I don't think I have any cavities though. I hope not. I'll be glad to have some super clean teeth! I love that feeling when they're all slick and shinny!
Megan has an appointment with a dermitologist on Friday. Since she was about 8 months old she's had these mole like things on her neck. They're really gross and keep getting bigger...they're actually skin tags. I hate that word/words...sounds so yucky! Anyways so I'm glad she'll finally be getting those taken care of. I'm also going to ask about her exema. She has it SO bad. The poor little girl feels like sand paper and she's got it so bad behind her knees that her skin looks all shinny and really red. I know it hurts her.
Gosh, I really have nothing interesting to talk about! I was tagged 2ce last week by Jude and Ronda for 7 random know, I'm all about randomness!
1. I've never ever mowed a lawn. ever. Don't even know how to start the lawnmower.
2. I don't like mushrooms. Or seafood. I can pick around mushrooms....but I can NOT pick around seafood. YUCK. I think mushrooms completely ruin pizza.
3. I love pizza (whithout mushrooms). My first job was at a pizza place that my best friends dad owned. He was a real jerk. But I worked there for a year cuz my mom told me I had to. I probably ate pizza every day for a year....and I was still a size 6. I totally wish I still had that body and metabolisim!
4. My first kiss wasn't until I was 17! Well...there was one time when I was 15, but it was so bad I don't want to remember it. The time at 17 wasn't great either.
5. When I get really mad, I throw stuff. What ever is in my hand at the time. And if I don't have anything in my hand, I find something. Don't make me mad. :)
6. When I was 18, my best friend and I went to Mexico for a week by ourselves for Spring break. All I can say about that is...ahem.... whatever happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. That was probably one of the wildest weeks EVER! LOL! Not quite "Girls gone Wild"......but almost. :)
7. After I finish a scrapbook page...I have to stare at it for a good hour or more to make sure I really like it.
That's it. Why does it always seem so hard to think of 7 things?
I'm still trying to finish up my Pig Farmer Wife story...I've started it like 3 times now. It's just not coming together well.
Here's a couple layouts I did this weekend...I haven't posted any here in a LONG time so here ya go:

Good grief, could this post be any more random??


Kimberly White said...

Love your 7 things! I don't like seafood either (but I love mushrooms!) Your layouts are gorgeous! I especially love the shoes one ... I could stare at it for hours too! Hope you have a wonderful day (and I get you about the dentist ... I'm going in April!) Love Kim

camport said...

aw. I love your LO's. Your kids are so awesome. Would you and the Pig Farmer ever consider travel farming? We could totally travel the world together.

Just a thought!


nicole said...

love the lo's corey!
and your list of 7 was very fun to read...totally with you on seafood too - although I LOVE mushrooms!
and thought #6 was interesting...would have never thought :)
my boys have ezcema too...does she use prescription cream? We always use hydrocortizone for is a bummer though!! always feel bad for them too.

Jude said...

My little fatdog has the dry skin too. Have you ever tried aquaphilic? (not aquaphor, this is different. Costco ordered it for me at the pharmacy.) Sorry about the confrontation with that lady. I am sure if Pete is a hunter he has everything stored safely away from the kids. Hang in there... :) I am quite certain that I have a cavity, and am trying to avoid the dentist... I am such a child!

Brown English Muffin said...

I hate mushrooms as well and I think they totally ruin anything!!! If I bite into something and it has mushrooms the entire mouthful gets spat out!!! If I wanted to eat fungus I'd lick between my toes!!! LOL

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh yeah I totally love that SHOES page!! LOVE IT!!!

Melissa said...

Love the layouts :) SO cute!! And, I love mushrooms, but when we order pizza together, I won't get mushrooms on it, just b/c I know you don't like them, ok ?

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my... I just LOVE that shoe layout. Gorgeous!!!!

And I ADORE mushrooms!! The more on a pizza the better!! lol

Ronda P. said...

Great tidbits of randomness....LOVE mushrooms....I'll take yours! So in Love with that shoes page! Totally adorable!