Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello Blogland...

Sorry I've been away so long. I'm a procrastinator and I'm lazy. That's the only excuse I have.
Thanks for all the well wishes from my last post. I'm feeling much better about the situation now. Seriously, I think most of you would probably laugh at the whole thing. It was basically someone making one little mole hill into a giant mountain..of Mt. Everest proportions! Ok, what the's what happened (the very, very short version) Basically, this crazy lady called the cops on me because she found out we have guns in our house. uh huh. That's the gist of it. Hey lady? Last time I checked...this was still America, and we still have the right to bear arms. Just so you know.
And just so you guys in blogland know...our guns are all unloaded, and locked in a secure cabinet, away from children. I double checked.
Anywho....I'm so glad it's daylight savings time, and I'd like to shake the man's hand whoever came up with the idea of making it come sooner and stay longer. They say it's supposed to save energy...I think that's probably a bunch of bologna (yes, i just sang the Oscar Myer song to myself to type b-o-l-o-g-n-a), but I don't care. I know a bunch of people are all like "duuude...I lost an hour of sleep!" And yeah, you are correct. BUT dude, you gained an hour of DAY. To me, that is awesome. Daylight savings means we are just that much closer to summer! Which means swimming pools and suntans. And BBQ's and camp outs. And maybe, just maybe even playing outside AFTER dinner, and maybe an evening walk. Which I seriously need to start doing. Really.
Since obtaining my new position at the Wilcox house, I think a tiny bit of that 27lbs I lost last starting to creep right onto my @ss. Not good. I can NOT go back to the way things were. Must stop the madness NOW!
See, part of my problem is...I have this new obsession. Food blogs. When I was working I started using Google Reader as my RSS feeder (I don't even know what that means) so that I could read all your blogs. The work firewall wouldn't let me use Bloglines. Anyway, the cool thing about Google Reader is that it is smart. It like KNOWS I like Scrapbooking blogs, and parenting blogs and because of my subscription to, It knows I'm interested in food blogs...SO it periodically recommends all these lovely blogs for me to check out. How cool is that?! Pretty cool, I say. (does Bloglines recommend? just wondering)Except for now I'm subscribed to like 7 or 8 different food blogs, that mostly cook yummy fattening foods. And they make me want to eat. And cook. And eat some more. Maybe I should unsubscribe? Regardless, I can't let the blubber take over again. Period.
Oh, and guess what? (I'm changing subjects now) I had a nice sort of surprise visit from Chrissy yesterday! She and her family, and their friends were on their way back to Phoenix from Seattle. It just happened that they were driving right past here about dinner time. So me and the kids packed up and met them over at the Golden Corral for dinner. It was so great! I finally got to meet Sean and Simon and Felix....although, I really felt like I knew them already anyway. They are a great family and I'm so glad to have spent time with them. But the visit was WAY too short. :( If you check out my photo blog, you'll find a picture of us there. For some reason blogger is having issues and I can't upload it here. :P
That's about all that's going on around here. I've got to get stuff ready for Jake's Kindergarten registration. I still can not believe I'm going to have a kid in school. Holy crap. So I've got to get is shot record, order his birth certificate, and now they need to have a dental exam too! So, lots of stuff to do...


camport said...

a dental exam?? shoot!

After hearing the whole story and meeting Jake in person...yeah, the lady was crazy. You are an awesome mom to some awesome kids and I hope you never have such an issue again.

The visit was way too short! Gotta get to planning a longer visit!


Cheryl Wray said...

Okay...that woman was CRAZY!!!! What a waste of the cops' time, I'm sure!!!

I also love food blogs. My favorite is Cream Puffs in Venice.

Melissa said...

Seriously she was one crazy lady!!

And a dental exam for Kindergarten? Wow...times sure have have changed!

Hope all is good... :)

Ronda P. said...

okay I haven't ever heard of a dental exam for kindergarten. Wow. But I do understand it...Very cool for you to visit with the Amports....I may get to see them soon! BTW, you have been tagged!

Brown English Muffin said...

There was so much packed into this post I loved it!!! LOVED IT!!! Did you hear me!!!

I am so super duper happy that you got to meet Chrissy...that will be me some day but for now i can live through you.

Oh yeah if I knew someone had guns in their house they'd be the last people I'd snitch on!! LOL Sorry just making light of the situation.

Oh and lastly...what the heck happened to Jake's birth cert why you've got to get a new one? I know I'm being super nosey here!!! But what's new ay!!!

Jude said...

Love the pic ture of you and Chrissy!! :)