Saturday, March 01, 2008

a fine leap day.

I've never really thought about leap day/leap year before. I mean, I've never thought of it as anything special. Yet, yesterday did seem to have a bit of extra specialness to it somehow.
It was a day that absolutely nothing was accomplished but at the end I felt very satisfied anyway. You know that feeling? I guess it's hard to explain.
We spent about 90% of the day outside. That was awesome. Seriously gorgeous spring like weather....I was even wearing a skirt and tank top! :D My friend and her 2 kids came over in the morning and we took the kids to the "big park" in town. When we got back to my house it was lunch time/nap time and they went home. Megan went down as usual for her afternoon nap and Jake heard kids playing outside. I let him go out front with his bike, I opened the windows and let fresh air in and listened to the sound of happy laughter and speedy kid bikes up and down the sidewalk as I picked up toys and put away dishes. The air coming in the house was so refreshing. I sat on my front stoop for a while and talked to my neighbor for a good long time as our boys played. Before we knew it...the entire gang of boys on the street had emerged, along with their parents and we were literally having an afternoon free for all up and down the whole street. I actually talked more to the girl at the end...the one who is a SAHM but seems a little stand-offish. OH, and I finally asked her name. It's Stephanie :D I think really, she's just a lot like me. The thought of having to talk to me must frighten her. I think we're both just shy. But we're getting there. At least we've got the name thing over with now. :D Who knows we might just become friends. Except I have this thing where I've never liked anyone named Stephanie. But I'm trying to get over that. It all started with Stephanie Reithmier in 3rd grade. The girl did me wrong and I've never forgot it. You think maybe it's been long enough? I can let it go now? LOL!
Anyways, that's really all I did yesterday. Nothing big, but it sure felt good. See sunshine and warmth make me happy. I'm pretty easy that way! But it was just as if the world knew yesterday was extra....Because just about 5 o'clock, someone flipped a switch. A cool breeze came in and before too long clouds covered the sun and it cooled off and we all retreated back into our houses. It was just a spring tease. Today we were back to clouds and wind. :(

*such an exciting life isn't it?*

I'm working on my 3rd and I think probably last installment of my Pig Farmer story...hope to post that next week.

Happy Sunday :)


camport said...

yes, it's time to let the Stephanie grudge go. :)

So glad you had a fun day and are making friends. Friends are important for SAHM's. They really, really are.


nicole said...

that is funny...about the name that is - totally have that though too with a few names:)
and I completely know how it is to be shy in social situations like that...I'm so not a 'small' talk, get to know ya, person - but hey if you are both shy that would probably work out good anyway.
and yes...still completely jealous of your weather :) we had a warm day though yesterday...34 degrees!!

Melissa said...

Glad to hear that you were able to spend some time outside...and get to know some more people. That is important.


Cheryl Wray said...

Ha ha... isn't that funny how certain names just rub you the wrong way???

SO nice to have beautiful weather, huh?

Kimberly White said...

So glad you got up the nerve to ask for her name ... I'm terrible with names and then too embarrased to ask later! Glad you had a wonderful leap day! Kim